[USD Pay] Awesome Video Editing VA needed for long term position ASAP

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Full Time


$500 up to $1600/month, depending on experience




Oct 07, 2022


-Full-time only (40 hours per week)..
-Must be willing to work during nighttime.
-Must be willing to take a free prerequisite course before you are hired. (approximately 8-14 hours).
-Learn individually through our courses and guides.
-No minimum internet speed required.
-30-day paid provisional period.
-All tasks and productive work are billable.
-All training in the first 30 days is billable after you are hired.

For questions, please view:
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Mabuhay Filipinos!!!

We will train a Video Editing VA.

We need a creative and effective Video Editing VA who knows how to make and edit videos like these:

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• Able to execute custom requests, new ideas that will be conveyed either in written English or with a sample video provided that they can copy.

We also have a ton of 1-minute videos that we need to edit which will only take 10-20 minutes in total of video editing time, which we need video editors to help us complete.

Are you able to logically structure these videos without us giving you a detailed outline because you have studied our content on digital marketing and understand it?

Can you keep up with the volume of videos we produce and not need others to watch for misspellings, choice of inappropriate music, and basic QA?

You must not only be a video VA but study our material and be well-versed enough to come up with compelling titles and Upgrade to see actual infomonstrate you can or are willing to learn how to write copy that will attract attention, get people to sign up for our courses, and fit the voice for each of our instructors.

We want a Video VA who we can mentor, but don't need to babysit.


To apply for this job, send an email to Upgrade to see actual info and answer this quiz: Upgrade to see actual info

Share us examples of your best work: videos, animations, and other related content!

Include the keyword “HEDGEHOG” in the subject Upgrade to see actual infol us why you're a long-term player in your response and shoot a one minute video recording of yourself demonstrating you've read these details Upgrade to see actual info can be up to 4 minutes if you'd like. You should not edit this Upgrade to see actual infoclude the URL of the video in your message. Do not read a script, but do prepare thoughts. If you want, you can add watermark.

Please also include the links of the following:
• Screenshot of your PC/laptop specifications showing:
—RAM: 8 GB
—Processor: 4 cores, 8 threads
—Hard Disk Drive: 1 TB
—Monitor resolution: 1080p.
—Minimum Download speed: 20 Mbps.
—Minimum Upload speed: 20 Mbps.
• Portfolio.
• Resume.
• Editing software you are using and most familiar with.
• Internet connection speed using https://www.speedtest.net/
• One Minute Video on why you are a Team Player

We expect that you, like the others in our program, will level up and continue to increase their salary over time. As you're more productive, you deserve to earn more.

• If you have an extra PC or Laptop and back up internet connection in case of emergency.
• Background in Adobe Audition, Photoshop and Illustrator.


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