Assist to achieve Home depot discount e-gift cards supplier

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Feb 08, 2019


Hello everyone!

I'm a eBay Drop shipper for 2.5 year, on the last 1.5 year i use only home depot.
I need supplier that can supply approx 3000$-4000$ depend the discount rate.
is very simple mathematics, As high discount it will be as high gc will be on demand.
My payment method to the supplier will be by PayPal.

If you have the ability to reach - THIS IS JOB FOR YOU !

As you understand the project is different project than usually on drop shipping business.

The task is:
to find home depot discount e-gift cards supplier that can sell 3K-4K daily home depot e-gift cards.
I search for suppliers with high discount rate, you can find them on facebook or telegram or (most important) i'm sure by that if it's with your current/previews clients that use discount home depot e-gift cards supplier too or even your colleagues. You can use your connections from previews/current projects on ebay dropshipping. The price is per supplier - 500$ for you :).
if you give good supplier that i'll work with him and he have discount higher than...

Terms & payment:
above 15% discount for i'l pay you 250$.
above 20% discount for i'l pay you 400$.
above 25% discount for i'l pay you 500$.
for more than one supplier you will get doubled.

For every supplier that i'll use and he/she will be good for me on daily basis so i'll pay you as i mention in the terms..
I don't care how long it take you to reach this task: 2 mins (because you already know one) or 2 -4 days.

if you still not understand, so i think it is not job for you please, but i'll explain again:
in the market their is few discount rates of home depot electronic gift cards. most of them are till 10%-12%, so only private supplier give the rate that i provide.

i believe in good relationship, and sharing.
wadays i have 2 Va's, one of them from the Philippines, and awesome one.
i trust you that you will find my goal :)

Optional: if you will reach to supplier and you have experience in drop shipping, so you can enter to my company.

Thank you very much & GOOD LUCK !

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