Job Overview

A small online business startup is looking for someone to create “walkthrough videos, with voice over on a regular basis”. On occasion you may need to create video as a bonus.

Each video will have two versions created. One in MP4 format for our website that has a built-in player. The other in straight MP4 format for You Tube WITHOUT a built-in player, because Youtube adds their own player.

A copy of the product will be supplied to you to know the walkthrough video to create for review.

An example of a walkthrough video would be:

We are looking for a ‘Walkthrough Video maker magician to apply themselves to deliver high quality Internet marketing product review for our online business.

The pay for this job is $320.00 USD/month working 20 hours per week (4 hours per day / 5 days per week, Mon-Fri). The pay is assuming you have all the skills and knowledge to do the job. If training is necessary, we reserve the right to reduce the pay for this job.

If this sounds like you, if you are interested in the creation of internet marketing product review, if you want to apply yourself, and you are up for the challenge, we look forward to your application.

You will be expected to work to strict deadlines.

We are looking for someone who can join our team part time (20 hours per week) which could eventually lead to full-time work, so you must take pride in your work and have a passion for your work.

your application please provide us:

1. Details about your experience in creating video and adding your voice as a voiceover.
3. Explain why you would be a good fit for this job.
4. Advise if you have any relevant affiliate marketing experience.

Applications without this information will not be considered.

Good luck!

Skills required:

• English
- Speaking
- Excellent verbal command of english

Able to record your screen, add your own voice as a voiceover, edit video and upload to social media.


Skills required:

• English
   - Speaking

• Marketing & Sales
   - Affiliate Marketing

• Graphics & Multimedia
   - Recording Audio
   - Video Editing

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