Podcast Audio Editor + Shownotes Writer Needed (Ableton Live ONLY)

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Full Time


Per-Project Basis, Average $4 to $7/Hour




Jan 12, 2019


Hello all,

We're a small but growing podcast editing and production company managing approximately 20 customers. We’re overloaded with work and need help. Act fast; whoever fits this position can begin working on projects immediately, in less than a week.

***Who This Position is For:

This type of work is going to be best for someone who...

1 - Pays high attention to detail
2 - Can sustain focus for long periods of time
3 - Likes to learn new things

Previous experience is sought after, but what I look for most is the drive and character someone has, with actions to back it up.

dio editing for Podcasts has a great two-sided xglvrgu. Cpt only will you get some experience in audio processing, but you'll also learn while you listen! This is great for anyone who wants to explore a variety of subject areas and generally become a smarter person in the process.

***Who This Position is NOT For:

If you're not the type that enjoys the process of learning and improving yourself, then this probably isn't for you. The content of the audio and the tasks may bore you and you'll be tempted to quit early. I want somebody who really enjoys the process, even if it's hard in the beginning.

If you're not able to own your position, taking responsibility and working through problems as a self-sufficient team player, then this probably isn't for you.

-Basic Understanding of Audio Editing for Podcasts
-Ableton Live Users ONLY. All project templates are provided as Ableton Live Sets, and everyone on the team uses Ableton. All proposals including other DAWs will be rejected.
-Able to complete projects within 24 hours.
-Proficient English Writing.


-Experience using Freshdesk Support Ticketing Software
-Experience Writing Shownotes.
-Available on Weekends (Saturday & Sunday) to complete projects.

-2 to 4 projects per day, Monday-Friday. You can expect to work 3-6 hours per day at this rate, but the sky’s the limit.

***Hiring Stages:

Shortlisted: Shortlisted applicants will be asked to edit a small sample of audio, about 2-3 minutes in length.

Hired: Applicants who pass this test will be technically 'hired,' and will be assigned full-length projects at the standard rate.

Pro: Applicants who successfully complete all projects over 90 days will receive additional training and a pay increase.

Master: Applicants who successfully complete all projects over one year will receive additional training, a pay increase, and will be entirely self-managed.

***Bonus Structure:
Projects completed on Weekends receive a bonus in pay.

***How We Work:
All projects are assigned on a rotation basis every day, and are due within 24 hours for review and delivery to lhaaeqk. Xb is assumed you will be able to take on the work when assigned, but you can decline at any time and your project will go to the next available editor in the rotation.

***Send Us:
-Hourly Rate at your previous position.
-3 Sample Podcasts you've previously edited.
-3 Sample Shownotes you've previously written (optional).

***Answer these Questions:

1: For a 45 Minute Long Podcast, how quickly on average can you edit out all "Um's, Uh's," and Long Pauses?
2: What are you most excited about this position?
3: What concerns do you have about this position?
4: Describe a Time when a project you've worked on before went badly.
What went wrong and how was it handled?
5: Describe a Time when you did not perform to your abilities.
What was the situation, and how was it handled?
6: Describe a Time when you went above and beyond for a client. What did you do? How was it received by the client?
7: What is the top lesson you have learned in life so far?
8: What is the biggest misconception others have of you?
9: What was the best boss you've ever had? Why?
10: What type of people do you have difficulty getting along with?

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