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Jun 10, 2019


Please read this whole post and follow the instructions herein before applying so you aren't immediately disqualified. ;-)

No WordPress!

Can you write and edit code without having to use a bloated framework?

Are you good at tracking down and implementing solutions to obscure problems?

Do you persist until you succeed, and stick with an issue until you beat it into submission?

Are you looking for an opportunity to join a company that is a bit ahead of its time and on the bleeding edge of what is possible?

Frankly, much of the stuff we work on is mundane and boring (we automate business processes), but some stuff is so cutting edge that we often find ourselves out in the weeds attempting to do stuff that has seemingly never been done before, or at least not in the way we need to have it done. :-)

We are in need of some technical help on a full-time basis.

You must be proficient in or at least willing to learn and learn quickly:
Linux server administration (Debian 9 Stretch),
?LAMPP stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, PERL,
Mail Server- ?Postfix, Dovecot,
?Firewall, SSL, & security measures,
?HTML, CSS, Javascript, SSI, (you can build good looking responsive web sites from scratch in your sleep),
?Analytics, and server scripting.

You are able to work quickly, promptly, and effectively to get and keep the sites up and running properly.

You love to solve problems, and you don't stop until the problem is solved and measures are put in place to prevent future problems of that sort from occurring again.

You are looking to work for a company that gives you the opportunity to constantly challenge yourself, grow, and learn exciting new things.

You want to start with industry standard stuff, then experiment and play on the cutting-edge of what is possible.

Pay is negotiable depending on your experience and on how well and how expeditiously you get things done. Bonuses, perks and raises are handed out at appropriate milestones.

We pay more for good results.

This is a full-time permanent position and specialized training is provided.

You are expected to have a base understanding of the technology and be able to learn new things fairly quickly.

You should also be fluent in English: reading, writing, and speaking.

You would be expected to provide daily code commits and progress reports.

So you have to have a reliable, fast internet connection, as well as a good computer with an up-to-date browser.

Our team members are resourceful, enthusiastic, appreciative, growth oriented, world class super stars.

Will you be one of us?

If you are interested, please send me a message which includes:
a resume,
a list of links to online projects you have already done,
an email cover letter,
?and "Blue" in the beginning of the subject line.

Applications without "Blue" in the subject line will not be considered.

your letter please tell us:

Why do you want this job?
Why we should hire you?
What value you would bring to the team?
How you would make our lives better?
What would you want to get paid, how, and why?
What would you like to learn in this job?
What would having this job enable you to do, be, and have?
How will you know when you are successful at it?
What would you expect from your boss?
How did you decide to become a programmer?
What have you learned since becoming a programmer?
What has been your biggest challenge as a programmer?
How did you overcome it?
What would you tell someone else about becoming a programmer?
What should I look for in hiring a programmer?
How can I be sure to get the right person without having to go through a long interview process?
What is the best way to work with you?
Any questions?

While we expect your technical and programming skills to be up to par, and you can prove it with the small paid test project we assign you.

A big part of this job is being able to think and communicate effectively with others, especially as we don't have time to create all the formal specs and stuff that programmers usually look for.

If we had the time to do that, then we wouldn't need you as we could just finish it on our own.

So you need to be able to grok a situation quickly and work effectively with relatively little input from us.

We are looking for someone who can ask and answer the question "Why?" and that once they understand the situation and the answer to that that they can figure out the "What?" and "How?" with minimal input from the boss.

If you are selected, you will have a great deal of freedom and power while still getting whatever support you need.

Make your letter fun and engaging and let a bit of your personality and who you are shine through.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

God bless you.


Web Development
Javascript Mysql PHP
Css Ecommerce / Shopping Carts Html Managing Servers PSD to HTML
Graphics & Multimedia
User Interface Design Web page Design
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