Job Overview

We are an e-commerce company looking for a talented Accountant/CPA who can wear many hats at the beginning, and maintain control of our company’s financial success.


A. Hat 1- Bookkeeper = 5-10% of your time (Less than 100 Transactions per month):

i. Record day to day financial transactions and complete the posting process
ii.Bank Reconciliation
iii. Manage AP/AR
iv. Payroll
v. PO’s
vi. Loan Schedules
vii. Inventory Cost Allocation
viii. Monthly close
ix. Audit accounts for errors, misinformation, and overspending.

B. Hat 2- Inventory Manager= 20-25% of your time after set up of Cin7 Inventory system:

i. Key Outcomes Within The 1st Year
a. No stock outs.
b. No aging inventory over 90 days. 
ii. Key Activities
a. Demand forecasting
1. You will be responsible for keeping the optimal inventory levels across our 2 warehouses.
2. Collaborate with Demand Planning: Sales & Marketing teams, provide sell-through projections by SKU - to drive replenishment orders. 
3. Review and adjust inventory forecasting spreadsheet; adjust forecast based on new sales deals, marketing campaigns sale through forecast, production or shipping delays - don’t stock out. 
iii. Reporting
a. Sales reporting
b. Sell-through reporting
c. Inventory reporting
d. New launch SKU requirements
e. Historical analysis
f. SKU analysis
iv. Reconcile inventory movements
v. Support with shipping of products from factories to destination warehouse
vi. Minimize Product costs and carrying costs
vii. Negotiate Payment Terms

C. Hat 3- CFO

i. The chief financial officer position is accountable for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the company, to include the development of a financial and operational strategy, metrics tied to that strategy, and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve company assets and report accurate financial results. Principal accountabilities are:
a. Establish and Maintain Controls
1. Develop systems, processes, procedures and stronger internal controls for the company
2. Ensure adequate controls are applied and substantiating documentation is approved and available such that all purchases may pass independent and governmental audits.
b. Help CEO with Strategic Planning
1. Help develop the overall strategic plan and vision for the future including the organization’s capacity to deal with the risks associated with pursuing strategic objectives.
2. Identify 
-Concentration Risk
-Earnings Sustainability Risk
-Currency Risk
-Business Model Risk
-External Risk
-Leverage Risk
-Excess Capacity Risk
3. Opportunities
-Income Statement
-Increase Revenue
-Reduce Expense
-Reduce AR Days
-Reduce Inventory Days
-Increase AP Days
c. Translate the strategic plan into quantifiable metrics
1. Establish applicable financial KPIs and Critical Drivers in alignment with strategic objectives
2. Create and maintain BI dashboards and critical driver scorecards for employees to drive execution of objectives
d. Prepare and Analyze all financial management reports (Budget/Performance Review/Forecast):
1. Perform financial analysis of key business data to forecast P&L and provide cash flow management advice
-Financial Commitments & Obligations
-Competitor analysis
2. Prepare Reports
-Rolling Cash-Flow Forecast
-Budget Deviation Report
-Rolling Forecast
-Income Statement
-Break-even Analysis
-Sensitivity/Scenario Analysis
-Work with all departments to establish yearly budget
e. Play an ongoing role in the critical evaluation of the execution of the strategic plan.
f. Assist operational executives in projecting the real-time financial impact of their decisions
g. Prepare to review stage quarterly and annual financial reports and projected realizations of strategic objectives.
h. Liaise with:
-external CPA in gathering information for tax return preparation, compilations, reviews, or audits
-business advisors to support our long-term planning


Skill Sets Required:

A. Hard Skills:

- Bachelor’s or Masters Degree in Accounting from an accredited university 
- Minimum 5-7 years experience with the day-to-day financial operations of an organization.
- Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in Ecommerce or an equivalent inventory forecasting role
- Cin7
- Xero
- Advanced Excel skills (Complex Pivot table and v-look ups)
- Demonstrated advanced Excel abilities, mainly for modelling and producing management accounting reports. For example, modelling the costs, revenues and profits for a new line of products, or where launching existing products into a new country. The excel model would follow best practice modelling techniques for easy ‘what if’ analysis. EG, What if we changed the sales price, quantity, or cost drivers etc to easily see the financial impact.
- Knowledge of inventory models and metrics

*Bonus Traits:
- Competent SQL is a Plus
- Elevated tax and business services exposure and technical skills

B. Workspace Requirements:
* Contractor must have a home office including the following requirements:
**** 15 Mbps/download and 3 Mbps/upload high-speed internet minimum but prefer 20 Mbps or more (Negotiable; If you are awesome, we will figure it out.)
**** Webcam for video call
**** RAM: 4GB of higher

What We Offer
- Work days are Monday through Friday
- Work times are 8am to 12pm US Central Timezone
- Pay ranges from $800 to $2500 USD per month depending on experience
- Paid monthly via Paypal

If you think you are a super-star please proceed. If any part of the above job description makes you nervous, please don't.

Very important! Hundreds of people will apply for this job. The only way we could filter everyone and find out if you are THE ONE we are looking for ways to create a (hopefully fun) challenge.

will take roughly 30 minutes to finish.

Many will start the challenge; very few will finish. (Good for you)

Don't email us back here - We won't reply.

If you are interested in having a great career, fix the URL below by replacing the {DOT} below with a "." then copy and paste the link below into your browser to start the challenge!

https://tinyurl {DOT} com/ybtf37b7

Skills required:

• Finance & Management
   - Accounting
   - Bookkeeping
   - Business Plans
   - Financial Analysis
   - Financial Forecasting
   - Financial Management
   - Inventory Management
   - Invesment Researching
   - Payroll
   - Quickbooks
   - Strategic Planning
   - Tax Preparation
   - Xero

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