Job Overview

You will complete 5-10 designs per day mainly illustrations but sometimes simple text-based (typography) ones.

If your designs can sell, we will increase the salary quickly. You will get GREAT BONUS too.

- Must be creative
- Must have expert proficiency with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
- Must communicate timely and often via Email and WhatsApp (sometimes skype)
- Must make tight deadlines and be on schedule.

Your Application MUST HAVE:
- List your experience with t-shirt design in details.
- Your portfolio link with the previous T-shirt designs you have done.
- Your Email and Skype ID
- Answer these questions:
1. How much do you want to be paid?
2. Do you have another job?
3. Where do you live and how bad are the power outages?
4. Do you have a computer and consistent internet access?
5. Which T-shirt platforms do you know?
6. How many designs can you do per day?

Any Applications that do not contain "cheers Sal" at the beginning will not get a response.

Let me know if you have any questions not covered in above.

Good luck!


Skills required:

• English
   - Writing

• Graphics & Multimedia
   - Illustrator
   - Photoshop
   - Shirt Design

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