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Hi, Our growing company is looking for a Real Estate Virtual Assistant/ Call back coordinator, but it's not your typical Virtual assistant job. We're looking for someone who is interested in contributing ideas to our projects and sharing their thoughts. We need a talented, hard working person that would like to become a valuable member of our team. And you can 100% work from home if you have a reliable high speed Internet connection. We work on fun and challenging projects, and as the company grows so does everyone's SALARY! :) The individual will need to work under the EST time zone hours of 9am-6pm. The job will entail: * Listening to phone messages of incoming leads and transcribing the messages * Follow up leads via phone (skype) or email to obtain additional information about the property the client wishes to sell. * Research the property in several databases (I will provide these) and create pdf's of reports to upload to my customer database * Follow up with clients to make offer on properties (I will tell you what the offer amounts are after reviewing your research) Contractor requirements I am looking for a contractor who meets the following requirements: 1. Has strong English and communication skills 2. Understands phone and email etiquette and does not violate these principles 3. Is familiar with Microsoft Excel and general ability to use windows based software Special consideration will be given to candidates that have prior experience in helping real estate investors or related type of businesses. How to apply Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following: 1. Subject line NOCOMP to ensure that you have completely read the job description 2. Your experience with telemarketing and specifically, appointment setting 3. Your proficiency with Microsoft Excel 4. Your availability during the work week (M-F) 5. Sample voice recording In addition, please provide a 1-paragraph statement on the real estate market in your local area.

Skills required:

• English

• Marketing & Sales

• Customer Service & Admin Support
   - Phone Support

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