Job Overview

[Seeking Admin Assistant cum PA/VA to Director]

[Please email ol @ pqbwqno@mepzkuypen.ktx to apply for this role. Instructions are at the end. ]

Dear candidates, we are currently looking for a detail-oriented, careful, and smart worker to join our fast growing company. 

About US
We are a Singapore company that provides training services to other companies. We also a Psychology-based company. We adhere to APA strictly, and we conduct our business with ethics and integrity. We serve many MNCs like Apple, Dell, and AMEX.

The Candidate We Seek:
- Well spoken and written in English
- Careful and Detailed-oriented
- Can predict problems in advance
- Can plan well, ie think of back up plans 
- Have great internet connection at home
- Be willing to learn, and coachable
- Have the mobile app, WhatsApp

This will be a part time role, if you do well, we look forward to have you onboard full time. 
The tasks involved are but not limited to:
~ Handle Directors’ calendar 
~ Send Invoices to customers 
~ Keep track of Expenses
~ Manage email Inbox
~ Give Daily reminders to Directors
~ Arrange meetings for Directors 
~ Any other admin tasks

If you have other skillsets, of course we would want to tap on that in future. That means more work and income for you, easier for you to become full time with us.

Why You Should Join Us:
- There is an opportunity to become full-time.
- You will learn a lot in this company
- We treat our staff like family
- If you are full time, you get annual leaves and other great benefits.
?Instructions To Apply For This Role (Please do not message us using the portal):

1. Email mm djeazkd@ovtexqvleh.puh
- Put email subject line as this: ‘The BEST VA is here: your full name.’
- Put your greetings as ‘Howdy Moony,’. 
- In the email. write a ‘300 (more or less) words Introduction’ as to why we should hire you as our PA. 
- In your introduction, you need to use this word ‘productive’ and the usage of the word should make sense.
- Also, include ‘I’m a superb VA because (your reasons)’ in your introduction. 
- Indicate the the word count of the introduction.
- End off your email with this quote ‘Good Luck!!! Have Fun!!!’. This should be the last thing I read i your email.
- For the words in the email, make the font colour BLUE.

2. Create a document. In the document, please include…
- Your full name (front size 20, bold, Times New Roman, GREEN and centralise it). 
- Then put your age, location, and your experience and skillsets (in bullet points, font size 12, Arial, BLUE, and align left). 
- What other skillsets/special powers you have.
- What you like to gain from your job. What you want to learn?
- What you expect from us?
- Your availability - how much time are you spending with other employers etc?
- What is your hourly rate for a start??- Convert the Document to PDF, and attach to the email.

3. Go to this website, 
- Do the internet speed test.
- Take a screenshot of  your result. 
- Change the file name to ‘Internet Speed Result - Your full name’. 
- Attach the screenshot to this email.

5. Attach your CV/resume.

6. After you’re done, drop a WhatsApp message to +05 26770465, letting Moony know that you have sent in your job application. Pleas state your name.

Good luck, and all the best to you.

Skills required:

• Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
   - Admin Assistant
   - Email Management
   - Personal Assistant

• English
   - Speaking
   - Writing

• Customer Service & Admin Support
   - Customer Support
   - Email Support

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