Job Overview

Please read fully: Incorrect subject and missing answers will not be entertained:

You will be working with a Canadian Company - Retail Company for Consumer Electronics

Experience with the following is a must:

Amazon/Ebay product research/listing
- Searching items on different vendors such as Walmart,Best Buy, Costco etc.. and finding the exact match on Amazon
Experience with Amazon Seller Central ( FBA, Inventory etc.. )

- Data mining
- at minimum of 6 months being a VA ( more years is a plus )
- keen to details
- has very good technical knowledge
- must have good English communication skills

Main job role is basically searching and matching items from a specified vendor focusing on Consumer Electronics and Small Home Appliances ( Best Buy, Walmart etc.. ) and looking for the exact match on Gbsmpk.anu.

If you think that you are a good fit reply with the below questions.

Please answer these questions when applying for this position.

1. When was your last job, and why are you no longer there?
2. Briefly explain your experience with Amazon/eBay
3. List down the apps that you had used and rate it from 1-5 as 5 being the Highest. ( Amazon/Ebay )
4. Why do you want this virtual assistant job?
5. Explain briefly why you would be perfect for this job and why we should hire you?
6. What computer do you have for work and list the specifications. ( Including backup PC and Internet )
7. Do you have any issues working your night shift to support our team? As this is a Canadian company your working hours will af @3qc-6vq PH time

“ 7 “ ( Put this on the subject line )

Pay is $3-4 CAD. With potential bonus based on performance.
This job is 40 hrs a week.


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