Job Overview

We are a growing web development company looking to add a backend / PHP / WP developer for a 3 to 4-month contract. You'll also be expected to work with front-end HTML and potentially some jQuery. The position will be similar to a full-time position since we require you for 40+ hrs/wk. When the contract is up, we will then evaluate our workload and your performance to see if we can offer you the position full time.

Your role will be primarily customizing an existing Wordpress theme to suit the client's requirements. Also translating designs in PSD/Sketch to HTML+CSS prototypes or to a custom Wordpress theme. This particular project you will be working on also will require you write custom PHP scripts.

We are looking for someone who is AMAZING ( not good, or great, but AMAZING ) at Wordpress development particularly working with ACF, Custom Post Types, basic plugin creation.

We need someone with at least three ( 3 ) years experience doing front-end, and Wordpress development using ACF.

Ideally, you will have the following skill set:

- adept in coding designs (PSD/Sketch) to HTML/CSS or Wordpress
- creating custom templates in Wordpress
- be able to create basic plugins, we need someone who can work with importing CSV data into the WP DB
- thorough knowledge of WP ACF plugin
- thorough knowledge of WP Custom Post Types
- thorough knowledge of HTML5/CSS3 with non-Javascript fallback for IE10, and IE9
- thorough knowledge of Flexbox with non-Javascript fallback for IE10, and IE9
- produce valid HTML and CSS checked with W3C tools
- produce lean HTML, and CSS with as few nestings as possible
- thorough knowledge of responsive HTML, CSS
- use SCSS/SASS imports, mixins, includes, variables, nesting, etc
- thorough knowledge of Twitter Bootstrap
- optimize web pages according to Google’s Pagespeed guidelines
- intermediate knowledge of Javascript, and jQuery to be able to code logic for layout, navigation, scrolls, links, sliders, carousels, image, and video
- produce cross-browser compatible code and can work-around browser quirks particularly older IE specific bugs
- knowledge of Git ( clone, add, delete, move, branch, commit, merge, reset )
- knowledge of NPM, Node

Bonus points:

- advanced knowledge of Git
- advanced Javascript, jQuery
- use AirBNB’s Javascript style guide
- experience with Foxycart eCommerce

Traits we’re looking for in an employee:

- attention to detail - this is one of the most important attributes you can possess
- able and willing to learn, and constantly strives to upgrade skill set ( which leads to higher pay )
- good listener, e.g. can follow instructions to the letter
- good communicator, e.g. can provide suggestions if you feel there is a better solution
- organized
- completes and thoroughly self-checks tasks before submission
- trustworthy
- hard-working
- can communicate in written English very well and understand spoken English ( our screencasts are in English explaining the tasks for each project )

As mentioned above, we will expect that you can communicate in written English very well. Please use WP-ACF Developer as the subject for the application email -- this is really important as our system will delete all emails which doesn’t have this keyword.

We will require that you not have another job ( part-time or otherwise ) but only work for us full-time as we have a very busy schedule. You will be compensated very well as you code faster and your productivity increases, but we can not afford team members that are not completely dedicated to our team. We have found in the past that people working 2 jobs often don't give 100% to either job. We will also bonus payments on this project based on performance and meeting milestones set in the project.

Please note this is a work-from-home or remote position, you’ll need to have a stable and reliable internet connection, ideally at least 3mbps in speed as we work with PSDs with an average file size of 200mb.

The working hours will be from 8pm to 5am PHT (Philippine Time) or 5am to 2pm Pacific (California Time).

Having that point of contact when you start, throughout, and at the end your shift is important. We’ll require you to be online on Skype during work hours as we’ll need to collaborate with you, to assign tasks, review your work, to confirm everything was done correctly.

Pay details:
- salary PHP 55,000/mo
- paid bi-monthly via Paypal
- project based performance bonus ( we have metrics that you’ll need to achieve for each project )
- performance evaluation at the end of the contract for a possible permanent position
- ideal start date will be April 2, 2018

If you are interested in working with us, please write a concise cover letter explaining why we should hire you. We want you to describe your past work experiences and the projects you've worked on, explaining your role on each project ( also, please provide links ). Please include your availability as we are looking to hire someone immediately.

After we interview you, should we decide to proceed with the hiring process, the next step will be to give you an exam to assess your knowledge, skills, and efficiency. You’ll be given a design which you’ll be setting up in the WP Admin via ACF flexible modules. You will then output these modules in the frontend via a custom template.

We look forward to your response!


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