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Brandlabs is the secret weapon of a well funded fast growing e-commerce startup that builds amazing technology focused on everything from health and wellness to everyday consumer goods. As a team member you’re going to have an amazing opportunity to grow both professionally and personally while working from the comfort of your home or an office we create for you.

The Role
As the company’s Marketing Manager, you will have the full support of the executive team to 10x the company from a sales and profitability perspective. You will be working directly with the CEO and Executive team.

This role is open to anyone with a proven track record of success in any and all marketing functions that creates a high ROI (return on investment) e.g. marketing -email, video, SEM, linkedin, soME, youtube, etc.

Required Qualifications
- Proven track record

Next Steps
- You must apply on this URL, or your application will be denied ->

Skills required:

• Marketing & Sales
   - SEM
   - SEO
   - Social Media Marketing

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