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We are a design agency which markets exclusive t-shirt designs to its growing customer base. We currently work with a team of 6 full-time designers and illustrators and are looking to hire at least 1-2 new team members.

Our customer base are entrepreneurs who earn their living by selling t-shirts and other apparel via various print-on-demand platforms, but to a significant degree via Merch by Amazon. Our customers are in constant need of new designs in order to fill their slots and grow their business.

We are offering a fixed work contract, which will require you to create and supply 6 unique designs per working day based on sample work or ideas which we provide in advance. We are not merely looking for "designers" which combine elements and position text properly. We are looking for skilled ILLUSTRATORS who have real artistic talent.

It is absolutely key that you understand how our business model works. Every design will have to be unique, must be 100% ORIGINAL graphic work (you may NOT use ANY external resources like Freepik or similar) and will only be sold to a customer once. The customer acquires all rights to the design going forward. We DO NOT want copycats and we do not want untalented designers. We want the best of the best and those who try to cut corners will be let go. No exceptions.

In return we can provide a safe and steady income with humane and flexible working hours. We believe that we are very fair and reasonable employers and we like to treat our team like human beings and not like slaves. All we ask for are reliable, loyal and committed team members.

- Illustration skills & creativity
- Self-discipline & time management
- 5-6 designs per working day (Monday-Friday)
- 100% original artwork (NO 3rd party graphics; NO free graphic resources)
- You MUST work with a vector application

1. Meaninful portfolio of your work that is relevant to this application.
2. Answer the question: What is your favorite hobby and why?

If you are shortlisted, you will be asked to create sample work in order to test your skills.

We look forward to you application!

Skills required:

• English
   - Speaking
   - Writing

• Graphics & Multimedia
   - Illustrator
   - Logo Design
   - Shirt Design

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