Job Overview

We're a low-cost web development company based in Ontario, Canada. We need qualified, verifiable advanced Magento 2 freelance programmers for immediate work. If you do this work well, you'll be very busy for the foreseeable future.

Good English skills are required as customers will likely communicate directly with you. Minimum 2 years experience with Magento. You must pass our 10 question basic Magento test before being considered.

We're looking for developers who can handle an entire project or work with a team just as well. Must be well acquainted with working with Git.

When you respond to this ad, please state your minimum expected hourly rate in Canadian dollars (CAD) and your availability per week. We pay in CAD, but of course, whatever payment system you use will do the conversion to Phillippine pesos. wf.qep is a good source for checking exchange rates.

Skills required:

• Web Development
   - Magento

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