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Part Time






Jan 23, 2018


Read before you Apply.
Job Type: 25 hours a week GRAVEYARD SHIFT 11 PM - 4 AM
Schedule: Monday-Friday
Location: Anywhere in the Philippines are welcome, as long as applicants have a stable internet connection and no power interruptions.

About Viss Media

Vision: We see the world where every business is transformed by leveraging technology, utilizing information and creating an experience that connects the people of the world.
Mission: Viss Media's mission as a company is to help build and market businesses online. The results of the effort that we establish drive profitability and springs growth in our client’s business.
At the core of what we do is the love for helping businesses reach their full potential. We believe that with today’s connected world, every business should have an online presence.
What VISS stand for?:
The acronym “VISS” stands for Vision, Ideas, Systems, and Solutions. Every great brand starts with a vision of transforming the way we experience the world. Through the creative process, ideas take shape and involve into a system, which all solutions derive from.

The VISS Principle (or formula) is a great way of transforming brands digital life cycle. The acronym VISS outlines the key components of this transformation, and the initials V, I, S, S, stand for Vision, Ideas, Systems, and Solutions.

Vision: We engage in a conversation with clients to discover their brand's vision.
Ideas: Through brainstorming, we explore ideas that align with our client's vision.
Systems: Afterwards, we create systems that transform ideas into reality.
Solutions: Finally, we offer solutions which incorporate our systems.

Our Passion
We’re passionate about connecting people with great businesses. A career at Viss Media means helping to change the way businesses and consumers interact. We’re bringing together world-class talent from different backgrounds, disciplines, and areas of study to produce an inclusive and stimulating environment. Our focus is on the development of each person walking through our doors because that’s what makes Viss Media tick - community. At the end of the day, we enjoy what we do – and we work well together doing it.

About This Position:

Job Description:
Viss Media is seeking a web developer who is hard-working and experienced that not only to translate UI/UX design wireframes to actual code that produces visual features of web applications, but also contribute to building user-friendly and intuitive design of web applications. This is a hands-on technical position that will work with the UI/UX designer and software developer, and build the client side of web applications. In this position, you will be responsible for collaborating with our team members to successfully build and deploy websites in timely manners.

** With at least 5 Mbps for Download & 1.5 - 3 Mbps for Upload
** WIth E-Commerce site experience
** With SEO experience is a plus but not required (off page and on-page)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or any related course
At least 2-3 Years Experience as a web developer
Must be knowledgeable with several coding systems (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP)
Must be flexible and resilient to changing demands from the founder and/or clients
Solid understanding of how websites work
Dedication to delivering your work
Can meet deadlines
Can work with a team

Assist with coding website projects with our vendor partners
Collaborate with multiple people on web projects
Develop and optimized / cross-platform front-end coding in HTML and CSS.
Create and Layout content into HTML/CSS/PHP pages.
Develop internal APIs and web applications for support and localization teams
Enhance our website, blog and crowd-sourced translation site
Deliver improvements to our search system and automate QA
Create fast, highly-functional front ends in JavaScript
Work closely with, and incorporate feedback from founders, and support team

We require that you take this test - jumcz://alk.34ynkgeyfdthvcg.wci/
Kindly send your results to zhqozzv@briyaacbt.fqy

Please read carefully and understand our requirements.

Speaking Writing
Web Development
Drupal Development Javascript Joomla Development Mysql PHP
Content Management Cpanel Css Drupal Ecommerce / Shopping Carts
Graphics & Multimedia
Web page Design
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