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$1000 total




Feb 10, 2017


We need both iPhone and Android versions.

A search functional app that would allow users to search Biblical verses for an equivalent meaning in the Qur'an. So, looking up either references, Qur'anic verses to correspond with Bible references or vice versa.

We already have 3600 verses that correspond between the two texts in a database. That database will be cross-referenced in the app and accessed via search functions by both keyword and by verse, and starting from either, the Bible or the Qur'an.

We will initially use the English version of the Qur'an. (We envision subsequent app upgrades to include the Arabic language for the Quran and for the Bible.)

The functionality is to plug in a verse (either the words of the verse, or the citation reference of the verse), and the app will return the list of corresponding verses from the companion scripture. Both verses from the Bible and the Quran can be viewed together.

We have this data already cross-referenced.

The idea for this app and the database for it arose in the compilation of a book that does the same thing. You can find the Book at

We want three general functions displayed: 1) Share; 2) Favorite; and 3) Notes.

Additionally, we want to have a home screen that shows a new verse daily. Then that verse's corresponding text can be looked up with a simple tab from that verse. We want to have the user choose whether to have the daily verse show from the Qur'an, the Bible, or alternating. Also, they can SHARE that verse with others.

We want to make this a FREE app with a PAID in-app upgrade version. The free version only has the home page daily app, the paid version will include the SEARCH functionality, as mentioned above.

We will include the entire texts of both books that will make it a general resource app, as well.

We have the scripture texts, and the cross-referenced database.

Other functions may come up that could be added.

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