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Full Time


$260 per month




Oct 04, 2011


Opening: Web Developer

Your tasks will be to develop WordPress web pages optimized for smart phones among other things including being a virtual assistant, gathering Information on line, etc... Mostly related to web creation.

Constant communication is required.

You must be proficient in the following:
E-commerce, Shopping cart, Pay Pal, etc.
iPhone and other smart phones compatible sites
Absolutely no Flash... It is not Apple product friendly

Requirements and pay:
Speak English
Graphics (Photo Shop, logos a plus)
Record your self on video from time to time (video report)
Strict 7:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday thru Friday
$260 a month
5 days of paid vacation after full year of working for me
You must be punctual
Report daily
Straight up
and most of all reliable

I would love the opportunity to work with someone who really knows and understands how to create fully functional, impressive, e-commerce web sites using WordPress. If you work efficiently, effectively, and would like work for me, please send me a video message link explaining your qualifications and why you are the best candidate. This video must be no more than 4 minutes long. Also include samples of your work and/or references in the email body.

If you are looking for... a full time long term job, contact me... easy going boss, contact me... make money, contact me... be a part of something interesting and cool, contact me... This opportunity will not last long. Act now! Send me an email, video message, telegram, whatever... Do it now before your chance is gone forever.

Do not be discouraged by the listing requirements. I have hired people in the past that claim to be the best to find out later that they can not accomplish the tasks assigned because of lack of knowledge or they are just not reliable. We need to be compatible with each other, like each other, because even though we are half a world apart we will be working very close together (fugitively speaking).

If you are truly knowledgeable and reliable then you will find it within reach to earn more money. If I make money, then you make money. If you perform well, then I will surly generate more traffic, sales, and relationships, which would benefit you as well.

$260 is what i’m offering per month. This job generally pays about $350 according to what I see on the internet. What I am willing to pay for now is $260. You will be evaluated during the first six months. If you can meet my requirements and accomplish tasks within a reasonably allocated time frame that we will work out together, then I’ll consider giving you upto $30 dollar raise per month. After one year if you continue to perform will you get a $45 dollar raise.

You will receive a bonus package after each web site is complete meeting my requirements, functionality, and look. I will set up a gauge that will allow me to determine your performance rating which I will use to calculate your bonus.

This is not a joke. I am serious about what I am doing and what I and communicating.

This message is from the heart. I work for my money. I am paying you out of my pocket. I will use my money to pay you for your good work, not for anyone to work for part time while I pay a full time salary only to find out time is being spent working for someone else. I need honesty along with reliability.

Please contact me and with a response to what you read in this email for eligibility.

I would like to know how long it would take you to build the following web site web site.

I will be selling Miami Marlins (Florida) baseball tickets online.
You would need to post pictures of the stadium, seating chart, home game schedule, have the ability to pick the quantity of seats, date desired, send me an automated email, pay by Pay Pal, shopping cart, track sales, and buy tickets using iPhone or smart phone.

I will be interviewing a few eligible candidates like yourself. Please give me an estate time frame for this project to help me determine the best person for this job.

Thank you for your time and interest.
Follow this link for quick video......................................................

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clVOfoMVFiM ....................................

Respectfully, sincerely, and openly honest,
Frank Amador

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Graphics & Multimedia
Video Editing
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