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Nov 26, 2016


Hello i need someone to manage my blog networks flawlessly. Here are the job Requirements..


You will be responsible for maintaining and managing up to 100 sites or more. You will Need basic understanding of installing & creating sites via wordpress, joomla, tumblr, drupal. 60% of sites can be hosted on wordpress & the rest can be Tumblr, joomla & drupal. All tumblrs will be provided by us so no need to install fresh tumblrs. It’s recommended that you install a few different plugins on your website just to make it seem natural, make sure these are not the exact same ones every time. You can install some "hide my cms" plugins which to hide the fact that the site runs on wordpress. 25% of domains can be hosted via cloudflare & other CDN's. Absolutley no footprints none of the blogs should link to each all blogs must seem unique in google eyes.

Firefox Browser

You Must use firefox browser only with different Firefox account for each site, no exceptions! Do not ever use google chrome or any google products under any circumstances. Proxy must be used for each site with via ipvanish which will provided. So each site should have unique firefox browser & unique ip address. Each domain should be hosted on different registrar & hosted on different ip so you will create hosting accounts with different email & whosis info.


You Must be fluent in english & good writing/grammer skills. Must be able to write high quality unique content with 500-700 words minumum, absolutely no copying, duplicating or spun content under any circumstances. you can copy old blogs from expired domains with wayback machine since they arent indexed anymore so as long as all articles pass copyscape & grammerly. There are now five types of blog posts…

1. Sharing and concluding an infographic
2. Sharing and expanding on a video
3. Sharing an image gallery
4. Standard article (500-700 words with image or video)
5. Introduction to the blog
6. Social Media share buttons
7. Having that mix of videos, image galleries, and infographics make visually appealing.

Each article should contain 2 images & 1 youtube video with 2 backlinks on each article pointing to our companys money sites & 1-2 links pointing to authoritative sites such as wiki etc. to look natural. Each site needs to have unique author persona with name, face image, email, phone number, whois info etc. Give a real personality to the authors as this will be crucial for the lifetime of the blog & not get deindexed by google.

The initial content you add will make a huge difference to how legit the website looks and how likely it is to pass manual reviews in the future. I personally recommend you have 2-3 pages and 2-3 posts, but the more the better. The process is too effectively add content to the website to hide it’s real use which is for link building. The first step to creating the content, is deciding on an author. Who is behind this blog? You’ll want to introduce these authors on some type of about page, share their photograph, and tell their story of why they started this blog. Basically what anyone would actually do if this was a legit site.


All sites should have Unique high quality site design with navigation bars etc no low quality themes. Even with the addition of content, your blog will look very “default”. You need to make it look like a real website someone setup to use. All blogs must look real & natural with good quality anchor text non spammy must pass manual review by google.

Each blog should contain privacy policy, disclaimer, about us, contact us. Creating Pages. There are numerous types of pages you can create, niche relevant ones are a good idea. Logo, Navigation Bar, Sidebar, menus, links. The first month will be a test If we see the sites & articles arent the best quality & were created carelessly the we will have to eventually part ways & find other employees. Here are some absolute standard go-to ones if you need:

1. About – Write about the website, team, author, or all
2. Contact us – Explain why people should contact them and include contact form
3. Advertising – Have information about advertising on the site and a contact form
4. Why we created XYZ – Explain the backstory of why the blog was created
5. FAQ – Answer frequently asked questions about the topic / website
6. Resources – Useful advice, links to useful authority sites/videos, book recommendations
7. Privacy Policy / Terms and Conditions


You must use google spreadsheets & google docs to record all account details. All domains & registrar accounts logins etc will be provided in speadsheet. it will be your job to save all site logins credentials, ftp details, etc. in a spreadsheet in google drive. All credit card payments & expenses will be provided by me including hosting, servers, proxys etc.


Your job will be to Backup all site files & databases via ftp when your done with daily tasks & upload & save to google drive or dropbox.

Your pay will start with hourly and may increase with good performance. Your promotion will depend on your quality of work & reliability. You must be able to work live via teamviewer but if your not comfortable you must be able to record each hour via any screen recording software so we can review the work later on. You will not be paid for any hour you dont record. This is a permanent job, If we see your work isnt good quality & no effort then we will have to fire you and find new candidates. You can begin with 3 hours a day 5 days a week but hours can increase if you do good quality work.

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