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Wordpress, database, CPanel wizard. Technical assistant.

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Sep 16, 2016


I have a few websites that I’ve build over the last year or so, as I am interested to start my own business as a search engine optimizer and building websites for customers. I’ve started a few sites of my own to get some experience and to get more confident with this task. I have not been to university to study web design, but as I am very passionate about this and my dream was always to run my own business, I managed to learn most of the important things to build websites, setting up emails, creating FTP accounts, and more. However, there is a few issues I faced with the websites that I tried my best but I can’t get to understand how to fix this problems, and that is the server and hosting side of this whole concept. Therefor I am taking the next step as to look for somebody to help me with this tasks. All my websites is hosted with Hosting companies like HostMonster, HostGator, etc. So you will have CPanel access (I DO NOT host my sites personally)

I am looking for a person with the following qualities and experience:
• You must be able to understand the process of building a website on WordPress platform
• You MUST be able to reduce server response times
• You MUST be able to leverage browser caching
• You must be able to Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS on a website
• You MUST be able to minify CSS and HTML
• You MUST be able to rectify all issues on a server related level, like slow websites, error messages.
• You must be able to migrate or move a website from one server to another, if needed
• You must know all about databases, servers and what’s making them function properly
Advantages will be if you can modify or change plugins or themes to look better, or perhaps if a customer want a different look and the theme needs to be tweaked, or layout improvements needed.
You will basically be my right hand man, or women,
• if I have any server related issues
• If I have any database related issues
• If I have any malware, virus or hacking related issues
• If there are any error messages and the website is not functioning properly
The perfect candidate must speak and understand English properly, as I will talk to you in person on skype when needed, and I want us to understand each other properly.
You can send me a cover letter to explain why you will be the perfect candidate, include your experience and background, by email to vdberg20@gmail.com, also give me your skype username. Please give me an indication of salary when you send your email? If I am happy with what I see, I will add you to skype and then we can talk.

Please use "Let me be your Techie" as your subject, or I might miss the email..

I thank you in advance, and hope you have an awesome day!

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