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Part Time


275 USD per month




Oct 14, 2019


So, you want to work at home and earn money, right?

Then, you should continue reading and make sure to read the entire post before applying or else you might lose your only chance! Yes, I’m serious!

We need someone who can assist the day to day business operations of an entrepreneur. That means, you should be well-rounded and proactive to learn new skills. More than that, we need someone who is extremely motivated and passionate to grow as an individual.

Here are some of the tasks you will do:

General Support
Data Entry
Email Management
Calendar Management
Powerpoint Presentation Creation
Customer Communication

Marketing Support
Create Graphic or Digital Content
Sales Campaign
Analyzing Data & Trends
Implementing Business Tools
Social Media Management
Event Management
Customer Relation Management

You should be well-rounded and willing to study the skills you don’t readily have. This job is not for you if you do not like studying and learning new things. If you are looking for repetitive, boring and easy tasks then you should stop reading now and find another job advert.

We will hire people who want to become virtual professionals and make it as their own career.

Here are the things you will get if you become a Virtual Professional

Freelancer Lifestyle - You can work anytime and anywhere you want as long as you meet the deadlines of your client or the required number of hours in a week.

Steady & Long-term Income - £2 GBP per hour (around 2.75 USD). Monthly payout is guaranteed sent to your bank account tax-free! Yes! Tax-free! Salary varies depending on hours rendered as per above - realistic minimum of $275 or around P13,750 per month. Your client would want to work long-term with you if you maintain the professionalism as a Virtual Professional.

Work in the comfort of your home - Have you experienced waking up in the morning and you feel upset because you need to commute and endure the traffic outside? Then, you should know that once you started working at home, it doesn’t matter if you are working in your bed and on your pajamas or haven’t brushed your teeth because we literally don’t care. The best part is, you can stay with your family while earning at the same time.

Specific Trainings are available online - No need to worry if you don’t know anything about specific tools or system you are not familiar with. Besides, you have a loving community (Work At Home Geek) who will support you if you don’t know anything.

Stay at home and earn money during strong and unpleasant weathers! - Let’s accept it, Philippine streets can give you the highest level of stress especially during stormy weather or extreme summer when commuting. No one likes going out during this terrible weathers! But, who needs to go out? You can work in your bed, remember?

Save more money! - No need to pay taxi, or parking or commute everyday or buy new clothes or buy expensive food or other expenses you have when working in a corporate world. Your home is your workstation!

Trust me, I can talk all day discussing how working at home gives tremendous benefits to the lifestyle I have right now. So much of the talking, let me give you now the instructions how you can get started.

This is a four-step process.

nd your application through onlinejobs.ph. If you don’t have an account yet, please watch the tutorial I created. You also need to watch the 5 common mistakes applicants do to make sure you will pass the initial screening and not commit basic mistakes.

Take seriously the examinations and follow the instructions that will be provided to you through email. If you did not finish the exams or you did not get the passing score, it will be the end of your application. But, we will definitely invite you for an initial interview if you passed.

itial Interview will be conducted on the schedule of your choice. You need to prepare for a Skype Audio Call. If you passed this stage then you must be really a strong applicant. If you didn’t then, you should know what are the things you should improve on and try again after few months.

Client Interview! Yey! This is the final stage and you just need to prove to the client that you are the best candidate who will add value and add more success to their business. Then, you are one of us! You are now a Virtual Professional.

Let’s go into the details what exactly you need to have before we hire you.

Basic Requirements:

• At least 3 Mbps stable internet connection
• Working computer/ Laptop
• Minimal to no power outage in the area
• Valid NBI Clearance
• 2 valid government IDs

Skills required:

• Excellent organisational and research skills
• Strong written and verbal English
• Excellent attention to detail
• Proactive, enthusiastic self-starter
• Able to work with minimal supervision
• At least 40/WPM typing speed with 90%+ accuracy
• Adaptable to change

Congratulations for making it to end of this post!

Please send your application with the format below:

Subject Line: I want Freedom - [Your full name]

Message: (Answer the question below)

Tell us why do you want this work and share with us the life experiences that made you a hardworking person.

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