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June 10th, 2019

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With a passion for e-commerce excellence, I am a dedicated Amazon Account Specialist with a focus on elevating brands and boosting sales within the Amazon marketplace. My expertise extends to comprehensive account management, tailored strategies, and data-driven optimizations.

I combine a deep understanding of Amazon's algorithms with a creative mindset, resulting in effective and innovative solutions. My goal is not just to meet expectations but to exceed them, ensuring long-term success for your Amazon business.

Let me help you manage your Amazon account.

1. Amazon Brand Whitelisting   
- Create own listing / Launch new listing        
- Create Variation listing (Parent to Child Relations) and Stand-alone listing
- Edit or Update listing (Listing Attributes)
- Edit or Update product Images (Lifestyle Images)
- Create Physical bundle       
- Run Sponsored Product only 

2. Enrolling to Amazon Brand Registry    
- Helps protect your intellectual property (IP)     
- Automated protections
- Brand Registry support
- Neutral patent evaluation
- Impact dashboard
- Manage your listing
- Create Brand Story
- Create A+ Content
- Run PPC (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, Video Ads)
- Create Physical Bundle/Virtual Bundle/Stand Alone Listing/Variation Listing
- Can report Listing Violations, Piggyback listings and Hijackers 

3. Amazon Brand Registry Infringement, IP and Violations Report

- Report Brand Registry Copyright Infringement
- Report Intellectual Property Rights or Trademark Infringement
- Report Listing Hijackers
- Report a violation

4. Checking Performance Notifications

Locating, responding and addressing issues on Performance notifications:
- Policy Warnings 
- Suspension Messages  
- Listing Deactivation     
- Category Approvals
- Pricing Issues 

5.  Resolving Issues on Voice of the Customer

- Customer Experience Health   
- Negative Customer Experience rate     
- Identify product and listing issues 

6. Resolving Issues on the Feedback Manager       
- Request Feedback removal 

7. Account Health Management   

Customer Service Performance (Order Defect rate)  
- Negative Feedback   
- A-to-z Guarantee claims
- Chargeback claims  

 Shipping Performance   
- Late Shipment Rate (Target: under 4%)  
- Pre-Fulfillment Cancel Rate (Target: under 2.5%)
- Valid Tracking Rate (Target: over 95%)

Manage your Compliance (Product Compliance Request)
- Manage compliance  
- Upload compliance   
- Compliance reference Policy

Compliance (Account Health Rating)
- Suspected Intellectual Property Violations
- Suspected Intellectual Property Violations   
- Product Authenticity Customer Complaints    
- Product Condition Customer Complaints    
- Food and Safety Issues
- Listing Policy Violations     
- Listing Policy Violations    
- Customer Product Reviews Policy Violations      
- Other Policy Violations 

8. Inventory Health (Inventory Performance Index) IPI

Inventory Performance Top Influencing Factors
- Excess inventory: 0.00%
- Sell-through 
-  inventory: 0.00%
- In-stock inventory: 100%

9. Pricing Health (Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy/Price Alerts)

- Minimum Pricing error
- High Pricing Error
- Price Adjustment Using Bulk File
- Pricing Error Troubleshoot 

10.   Manage Inventory Overview

- Search Suppressed and Inactive Listing
- Listing Quality Dashboard     
- Potential Duplicates    
- Manage Pricing  
- FBA Inventory 
- Price Alert
- Unfulfillable
- Listing Remove 
- Active, Inactive, Incomplete
- Add a product
- Variation

11.   Case Log Management

Reaching out Amazon support team in resolving issues thru Case Log creation
- Feedback removal
- Reimbursement
- FBA issues
- Listing issues
- Other account issues   
- Recommendation notifications 

12. How to Create a SKU and Parent SKU

Parent SKU Pattern
Brand name-Part number
Brand name -Product name 

Child SKU Pattern
- Brand name-Part number-Color-Size
- Brand name-Product name-Color-Size

13.   Uploading Product Videos on Seller Central
- Uploading videos on product overview 

14.   Creating Virtual Bundles For Brand Registered
- 2 to 5 Bundles 

15.   Fixing Image Listing Issues     

- Main image in white background 
- 1000px x 1000px
- 7 Image listing/Lifestyle images 

16.   Uploading A+ Content

- Basic
- Brand Story 

17.   Flatfile Template and Bulk File Template    

- List product already in Amazon’s catalog using Listing Loader
- List products that are not currently in Amazon’s catalog using Product Template   
- Update price & quantity using Price & Quantity Template

18.   Product Launching using Flatfile Template
- Launching your 1st Child SKU/ASIN     
- Launching your Parent SKU  
- Launching other product variation   
- Launching FBM listing
- Launching FBA & FBM listing under a Parent SKU/ASIN 

19.   Manual Product Launching
- Adding Child listing manually
- Adding Parent listing manually

20.   Relist Product Manually on Seller Central     

- Inactive (Out of Stock)
- Inactive (Closed) 

21.   How to Resolve Stranded Inventory

- Inventory error
- Fulfillment Error
- Restriction       
- Price Error
- Deleted / Missing SKU
- Listing Attributes 

22.   How to Fix Suppressed Issue

- Manually
- Flatfile

Top Skills

E-Commerce » Amazon

Experience: 6 months - 1 year

E-Commerce » Amazon » Catalog Management

Experience: 6 months - 1 year

E-Commerce » Amazon » Seller Central

Experience: 6 months - 1 year

Other Skills

Office and Administration » Microsoft Excel

E-Commerce » Amazon » Listing Management

Experience: Less than 6 months

E-Commerce » Amazon » Seller Page Management

Experience: Less than 6 months

E-Commerce » Brand Management

Experience: Less than 6 months


Design » Adobe » Photoshop

Office and Administration » Data Entry

E-Commerce » Amazon » FBA

Experience: Less than 6 months

E-Commerce » Product Optimization

Experience: 6 months - 1 year

E-Commerce » Amazon » Keyword Management

Experience: Less than 6 months

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