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7 Things I Can Do for You
Does Your Website Stand out from the 1, 518, 207, 412 Websites Online Today?
Your website is in trouble.
In January 2019, Mill for Business reported this startling figure: there are 1,518, 207, 412 websites online today. Yours is just one of them.
And the facts just get scarier.
1. Internet users are impatient. If you don’t grab their attention in 10 seconds, they will click away from your site.
2. If your website doesn’t outline your biggest promise ‘above the fold’ you will lose visitors by the droves.
3. A website with a blog that is updated once a month will fall far behind one with 2-3 updates per week.
The good news is you don’t need to worry about any of this when you supercharge your website.  
What You Don’t Need to Supercharge Your Website
To supercharge your website, you don’t need a special degree.
You don’t need to put in hours and hours learning about how the market works.   
You don’t need to come up with thousands of dollars to hire in-house copywriters.
You don’t even need to know a thing about writing powerful copy.
All you need is the right Copywriter.
This is where I come in.
7 Things I Can Do for You
1. I can suck your client into your website in 3 seconds. ‘Above the fold’ is the part of your website your visitors see before they scroll down. I can write headlines in 8 or fewer words that embody the 4 U’s principle: unique, urgent, ultra-specific, and useful. These headlines compel potential clients to find out more about you.

2. I can make you become the one clients choose. What makes your business special? Why should clients choose you? You already know why, and I make sure everyone finds out with my compelling writing skills.

3. I can ensure that more people open the emails you Upgrade to see actual info starts with the subject line of your emails. You have a few seconds to impress readers and make them want to open your emails. I can help you make sure they do.

4. I can transform your website. I can turn your About Page into a compelling story. I can turn dry, flat writing into powerful language that has one purpose in mind: the sale of your products or services.

5. I can help you compete with social media, instant messaging, and other online distractions. Your content will be as interesting to viewers as messages from friends, posts from enemies, and 1,000,000 other online distractions.

6. I can assure you of perfect grammar and sentence structure. With a grammar and vocabulary test score of C2 (advanced mastery), I have skills equivalent to 9 for IELTS testing and 125 for TOEFL testing. I make sure your copy has no mistakes.

7. I can give you unlimited edits. I am flexible. I am not happy with my work unless you are happy with it.
Why Me?
7 Reasons Why I Am the Right Choice
There are thousands of
other copywriters out there.
Why hire me?
Here are 7 reasons why:
1. I am an AWAI-trained copywriter. I know more than 90% of other copywriters out there.

2. I know the secret format that is guaranteed to work for all sales and web copy.

3. I have learned from masters like Bill Bonner, Mark Ford, and David Ogilvy.

4. I have immersed myself in the 50 most successful marketing copy of all time. I know what works.

5. I offer affordable rates. Hire a copywriter who can do what I do and you might have to pay thousands of dollars per project. I offer my services at a fraction of their fees.

6. I am a voracious reader. To write well, we need to keep learning. I have an insatiable hunger for new knowledge, which allows me to put gold nuggets into every compelling piece of writing I come up with.

7. I am a published short story writer. I have 3 works of fiction published by online magazines. Why is this important? Short fiction is a lot like sales Upgrade to see actual info knows its audience; it drives readers to read to the end; it converts.
And here’s one extra reason why you should hire me: people love what I write. Here are some examples:
“Ms. Upgrade to see actual info draws the reader in with
descriptive paragraphs that engage the senses.” Cherie, Mitchell, Christchurch,
New Zealand
Upgrade to see actual info Upgrade to see actual info writes with the assurance of a
master of her craft.” The Red Room Press
“I enjoyed this piece, especially from such an unfamiliar
perspective.” Paul A. Freeman
P.S. I have written this
description to sell my services. Are you convinced to buy them? If so, imagine
what I can do for your business.  

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Marketing » Copywriting

Marketing » Content Creation » Creative Writing

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Marketing » Content Creation » Ghost Writing

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Marketing » Content Creation » eBook Writing

Marketing » Content Creation » Technical Writing

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Score:  125
Dominance: 20
Influence: 30
Steadiness: 20
Compliance: 29
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