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Bachelors Degree in Communication Arts Major in Public Relations & Advertising

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July 5th, 2024 (12 days ago)

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December 20th, 2018

Profile Description

Hi! My name is Magenta! :) And I am a woman of trans experience who writes for a living.

I am a Direct Response Copywriter for Coaches, Brands, Agencies and Businesses with 7 figure results. Bringing high-conversions, new opportunities and differentiating your solutions through persuasive copywriting that captivates, connects, and converts.                                       

                                                  My Background and Expertise

My skills and experience are varied and vast. I have a background in Interior Design, Sales, Performing Arts in Acting, Professional Hair and Make Up Artistry, Marketing Communication, Public Relations, and Advertising…

…A background that is incredibly unique which brings a fresh perspective, strategy and insights to a saturated realm of copywriters.

So What Makes my Copywriting Technique Unique?

I enrolled courses that is led by mentors who’ve generated millions of dollars in revenue for clients they’ve worked with. Plus my own personal investment to amplify my education, skills and expertise is also six figures. This means you’ll have the same working strategies implemented for you and your business.

Also, I use TIMELESS, PROVEN and TESTED methods by world-class marketers, persuasion hitmen and copywriters (and have been certified and mentored by a few) so my clients could have a peace of mind knowing they work with someone who knows the art and science behind high-converting copy.

From streamlining your ideas and business model to a tailored custom-fit of persuasive words which easily moves your customers across the funnel…

…. To smashing sales objections and locking in your dream client dying to hand you their money keep coming back for more.

Mastering the universal truths of persuasion, psychology, and the human psyche have generated results for my clients as they laugh their way to the bank is a common occurrence in my line of business.

Overtime, I learned to combine the right persuasive techniques any client or customer will always buy whether its above-the-line, below-the-line or direct marketing systems or processes.

My job is to make your offer so good and juicy that it makes anyone you're selling to feel ridiculous for turning it down.

Here's what I can write you a copy for...

* Email Sequences ( promos, nurturing, PLF’s, drip, newsletters.)
* Lead Magnets ( for Checklists, Guides, Quizzes, Checklists)
* Sales Letters ( Offers, Premium Packages, Services)?
* Website Copy ( Home Page, About Us, Services, Contact )
* Landing Page ( for Sign ups, Webinars, Freebies, Ebooks)
* Video Ad Scripts (VSL’s, Youtube, facebook, TikTok, IG)
* For Social Media Content (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Linked In)
* Product Descriptions ( Amazon, Shopify, Ecommerce ) and so much more….

As your copywriter and strategist, I'll help you establish and create long lasting relationship between you and your customers, so you can succeed, live the life you want, and scale to multiple figures without sacrificing time, money, and your health.

Most clients I work with have great products, services, and programs already... 

They just need help articulating and communicating a message that connects to their ideal customers. That’s why my writing is CLEAR, POWERFUL, THOUGHT-PROVOKING and HIGHLY-ENGAGING.

So your audience can read a compelling content that tells them why, when, and where to take immediate action.

Plus having an irresistible, hypnotizing, and persuasive salescopy can help you get ahead of the pack - even if you offer the same service or product as everyone...

...that's how important it is to work with the right copywriter. I also am versatile and follow appropriate brand voice to stick with your strategy.

From professional suit-wearing executives down to bad b*tches with high heels, leave your worries behind while I attract your dream clients to you and bring them directly to your doorstep.


A.  Amplifying Emotional USP Value

Whatever product, service, or business that you are in and provide, I use the power of strategic copywriting in various mediums to communicate, disseminate and execute your ideas and influence results efficiently.  From using the right market awareness levels, strong headlines, irresistible hooks…

…to articles, product descriptions, and newsletters that your customer simply cannot refuse and lures them in.

My wide and versatile vocabulary plus expertise will make it easier for executing persuasive headlines, thought-provoking content and one-of-a-kind piece of work. Your target market needs to be prioritized. They need to feel the benefits, advantages and transformation rather than the features first or else they won't buy.

B.  Down to the Nitty-Gritty

Each word, each syllable,and each sentence has a significant part of the whole relation of the copy. I am very meticulous, sedulous, and most all...multifaceted when it comes to producing the right content. 

I am very cognizant of various industries on a global scale and possess the skillets and mindset on how utilizing the right words can persuade your customers and sky-rocket sales the right way.

C.  Unlimited Creativity

Need a cohesive sales funnel that rakes in mad moolah?  Do you have a website that lacks innovation and needs lead-generating content? ? Do you own a restaurant that needs a mouth-watering and appetizing description menu? Have a hair product that caters for customers who has thin and frizzy hair?  Own a luxurious condo that needs the right third-person-perspective sales pitch? I got you covered.

I’ve been working since I was 16 years old with various pursuits wearing different hats and multiple ways to solve a problem. I’ve trained my mind and my subconscious systems to find a solution in every problem with words that cut through the noise and seared inside your customer's minds.

D. The Right Education and Experience

Yes! The right education and experience does matter. I have been trained and mentored by one of the copywriting titans of direct response here in the Philippines who also writes copy for Agora financial.

As I’ve mentioned, I had different careers that amplifies and complement one another because I am simply fascinated by the human potential, the human spirit and the human experience. I want to live a life that is a reflection of my choices and not by society’s standard. And as your copywriter, those standards and life lessons I’ve learned will come to play and integrate in your marketing copy

E. Trust & Loyalty

Establishing respect and friendly rapport is what I always aim for before I start working with a client. I'd like to have long-term relationships with you and always make sure you receive the best of what I have to offer with the utmost courtesy, kindness and a dash of humor. Professional reciprocation builds a mutually beneficial relationship in the long run. I'd like to learn as much from you as to how much I am willing to be in service.

Just imagine charging double or triple than your previous prices because you finally have someone to do your copy for you…

...The No.1 Go-to-Solution for your customers.

...That serial entrepreneur who knows exactly what they are doing.

...And how they are able to change lives with their offer—without jumping through hoops and hurdles.

PLUS you now have longer, continuous, and committed engagements; with more profitable clients coming in left and right than ever before.

An evergreen slot machine of warm leads, consistent sign-ups in your programs, replies in your emails, customers moving through the funnel…

Possibly resulting in MORE TIME ...MORE FREEDOM...and MORE CASH coming into your business.

 Wouldn't that be a life-changing Upgrade to see actual infont for you?

Now, you have three options

Option 1 : Stay Stagnant

How much did it cost you to build and maintaining your business? Attaining your knowledge? Your years of experience and skills? In this world full of competitors, a mediocre copywriter won't get you anywhere. Find someone who not only knows good copywriting, but the human behavior and deep psychology of what makes us compel to do things we want to do. Look no further cause Im here to help you.

Option 2 : Do it yourself

You might get lucky at your several campaign funnels and your email series at first but it won't work for long. A copywriter knows your customers like the back of their own hands. I eat, sleep, and breathe copywriting. You can try to attempt of doing it yourself but you'll end up dead in the water. Leaving you frustrated and starting back to SQUARE ONE. 

Option 3 : Work with me

The last 10 years, I have been working as a Sales and Customer Support Agent, Make Up Artist, Interior Designer, Public Relations Specialist, Actress, Host, Ghost Writer, and of course, being a Copywriter.  I've discovered a  " secret thread " that binds all of what I know applied in my work as your copywriter. Now you too, can have the same results at a fraction of a cost.                        


Let's talk how your passion for your business and my passion in copywriting can work brilliantly together. This, along with many more life-turning and pain-to-pleasure advantages when you work with me.


If you’re serious about improving your business through effective use of persuasive copy, tell me about your dreams and let me show you how my passion in copywriting can help your business soar high.

You've work so hard to keep your business going. What's a small investment gonna cost you? So let me do the heavy lifting for you. 

Allow me to be the missing piece in your business and watch your revenue grow right in front of you.

Top Skills

Marketing » Copywriting

Marketing » Content Creation » Creative Writing

Marketing » Content Creation » Microblog Content Writing

Other Skills

Real Estate » Lead Generation

Customer Support

Customer Support » Social Media Moderation

Basic Information

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Tagum City, Davao Del Norte
Tests Taken
Score:  105
Dominance: 45
Influence: 15
Steadiness: 11
Compliance: 29
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“It definitely helped transform my business and take a significant load off for me.”

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