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Looking for full-time work (8 hours/day)

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Bachelors degree

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June 2nd, 2023 (8 days ago)

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July 16th, 2018

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Hi, I'm Upgrade to see actual info. In the local business industry, I specialize in targeted advertising to generate high-quality leads and drive growth for businesses. Here are some recent highlights of my work in this field:

Locksmith 1Campaign Duration: January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022Achieved 788 phone calls, resulting in successful lead generation. Cost per lead or cost per conversion was $Upgrade to see actual infovested $27.87K in ads, utilizing the monthly budget limit of $2000.

Locksmith 2Campaign Duration: June 1, 2021, to September 30, 2022Generated 1,578 phone calls and converted them into 3,700 valuable leads.Maintained a low cost per lead of $13.46, optimizing the advertising Upgrade to see actual infovested $49,716.92 in ads, ensuring maximum reach and conversion potential.

Local ShopCampaign Duration: January 2022 to September 30, 2022Generated 1,578 phone calls, resulting in 3,700 successful conversions.Maintained an impressive cost per lead of $13.46, ensuring efficient utilization of Upgrade to see actual infovested $49,716.92 in ads, driving significant growth for the local shop.

By leveraging targeted advertising strategies, I have helped businesses in the local industry generate a substantial number of phone calls and conversions. My focus on optimizing cost per lead has allowed businesses to generate leads at an efficient rate, maximizing their return on investment. I have consistently delivered exceptional results for my clients in the local business industry through strategic ad spend allocation and campaign management.

If you're seeking a skilled professional to drive lead generation for your local business, let's connect! I'm eager to discuss how I can leverage my expertise to help your business thrive and achieve remarkable growth.#LocalBusiness #LeadGeneration #TargetedAdvertising

hans media buyer dot com

Top Skills


Experience: 5+ years

Check my SEO Results

Media Buying

Experience: 5+ years

I have manage other advertising platforms like ads Tripadvisor and Expedia ads (Travelads) Google Hotel Ads Platforms.

Google Ads

Experience: 5+ years

Over Ten years with Google Ads Case Studies

Other Skills

Youtube Ads

Experience: Less than 6 months


Bing Ads

Project Management

Experience: 5+ years

I did Manage Day to Day Operations on a Marketing Agency Like SEO Tasks Advertising Tasks and Adhoc tasks like Organizing Financial Documents for Bookkeeping.

Youtube Marketing

Experience: 5+ years

Facebook Ads

Lead Generation

Experience: 5+ years

Plumbing, FLooring contractors, Dental Shops, and LockSmiths using Fb Meta Ads and Google Ads

Facebook marketing

Strategic Planning

Business Management

Google Analytics


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Cebu, Cebu
Tests Taken
Score:  105
Dominance: 45
Influence: 20
Steadiness: 17
Compliance: 19
B2(Upper Intermediate)
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