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Working in a BPO industry for more than 8 years helped me to develop different skill sets and acquired diverse experience working online.
I am a person who would love to work with an employer that has a positive mental attitude and good communication.
I do believe that working with positive mindset and excellent communication can have a great imp [act to any company's success and growth.
So below are my strengths and experiences listed accordingly.
1. Organization Skills - I am a very organized person and always make sure that everything is in the right place. I always make sure my emails are in a designated folder so I have "0" email in my inbox.
2. Time Management - I am very keen with time as it's very valuable whether we're working offline or online. I am always ahead of time when it comes to meetings, timelines, and deadlines.
3. Team Player - I have handled a team before working in a BPO for more than 20 people, so pretty much I have learned a lot of things when handling an individual or a team.
4. Hardworking - I am very hardworking when it comes to accomplishing something, especially at work, but I don't ever do as I need to take care of myself as well to perform well and attain my functions and responsibilities to the company.
5. Willing to learn new things - I always believe that "everyday is a learning process", I am always curious, and always do research if I don't know anything which I am keen to know. I also love asking questions if the instruction is not clear enough for me to comprehend.
6. Trainable - A video demo will do for me to be able to follow through new task or projects.
7. Proactive in any communications - I always love to acknowledge communications and messages sent to me or to the team in general. I do believe that acknowledging the message shows your professionalism and interest working in any company.
On the other hand, my following experiences are:
1. Customer Service/Support - I worked as a customer service via phone, email, and chat for 2-3 years. Working in the customer service field allows you to improve our multi-tasking skills.
2. Amazon Seller Account Management - When I started working "home based" I had little experience working as a seller central manager. I have learned a lot of things about e-commerce industry such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and many more.
3. Social Media Manager - I have experience managing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google + and many more.
4. Basic Wordpress management - I love managing a Wordpress website (basic management only) such as installing plug ins, uploading articles or blogs along with its feature image/s. Responding to readers' comments, and more.
5. Basic graphics creation & editing - I have also a little experience creating graphics using Canva, editing a graphic, the text, background, etc. And removing the background and make it white using Photoshop.
6. Basic video editing/creation - Not really my primary skills, but I can cut, trim, add text, effects, and more of a video.
7. SEO/Online Marketing - Online marketing which means doing SEO work such as blog posting, forum posting, building backlinks, social media marketing, and many more.
8. Data Entry - I am knowledgeable inputting data on an excel sheet or Google doc.
9. Online Research - My favorite thing to do is research because I am able to learn a lot of things about a certain topic.
10. Team Manager - I have an experience managing a team way back working in a local BPO company for 3 years and online virtual assistance company for 2 ears.
You can count on me almost everything aside from web development, thorough graphic designing that expert only does, and video editing.
Feel free to set an appointment with me for an interview if you want to know more about Upgrade to see actual info would be my honor to speak to people who would give me a once in a lifetime opportunity to work and be part of the company.

  • Admin Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Personal Assistant
  • Project Coordinator
  • Quality Assurance
  • Recruitment Assistant
  • Research

Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
  • Admin Assistant
  • Appointment Setter
  • Data Entry
  • Email Management
  • Event Planner
  • Excel
  • Human Resource Management
  • Personal Assistant
  • Project Coordinator
  • Quality Assurance
  • Recruitment Assistant
  • Research
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