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6 Years of Shopify Development, Klaviyo, SEO & Marketing 

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May 8th, 2017

Profile Description

Highly Experienced Shopify Expert with 6 Years of SuccessWith a profound 6-year journey in Shopify development, I have cultivated an impressive career distinguished by the creation of high-converting online stores, impeccable UI design, meticulous attention to detail, and expert product optimization. My extensive skill set and practical experience encompass every facet of crafting and managing e-commerce platforms.

1. Store Setup and Customization:• 
Install and customize Shopify themes.• Fully set up online stores with necessary configurations.• Integrate and configure essential apps for seamless operations.• Add and publish pages to establish brand identity and engagement.• Organize categories and collections for intuitive navigation.• Set up and optimize payment gateways.• Shortlist products based on target audience and goals.
2. Product Optimization:• Write compelling product titles, descriptions, and attributes.• Highlight product features and benefits effectively.• Craft comprehensive and engaging product listings.• Optimize product presentation for maximum conversion.
3. UI Design and Customization:• Utilize funnel and page builder tools (Zipify, Pagefly, Gempages).• Customize blocks and elements for visually appealing product pages.• Pay meticulous attention to detail for seamless UI experiences.
4. Klaviyo Email Automation:• Automate email workflows for orders, subscriptions, promotions, and campaigns.• Implement segmented emails for personalized customer communication.
5. Marketing Strategies:• Design and execute targeted Facebook advertisements for high conversion rates.• Launch and manage marketing campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Google.• Optimize marketing efforts for enhanced performance and ROI.
6. Customer Service:• Respond promptly and courteously to customer concerns.• Resolve customer issues empathetically and effectively.• Cross-sell and suggest complementary products for improved satisfaction.
7. Store Maintenance and Engagement:• Set up and launch marketing campaigns on various platforms.• Maintain active social media profiles with frequent posts.• Engage with target audiences in relevant forums, groups, and channels.• Moderate social media interactions for a positive user experience.• Manage orders and provide customer support for seamless operations.
8. Multi-Platform Listings:• List select products on external platforms like Amazon, Google Marketplace (Google Shopping) Facebook  and eBay for expanded reach.
9. Application Proficiency:• Utilize a range of tools including Shopify, Oberlo, Ali Inspector, Ecom Hunt, Photoshop, Slack, Dropified, and Zendesk.
10. Platform Expertise:• Set up and optimize Meta Facebook Business Manager.• Use Google Analytics, Google Search Central, Google Merchant Center, Tag Manager, and Google Ads for SEO optimization and campaign management.
In summation, my career as a Shopify expert spans 6 years of creating successful stores, optimizing products, crafting appealing UI, running targeted marketing campaigns, delivering top-notch customer service, and orchestrating comprehensive store management. With proficiency in a diverse array of applications, I bring a well-rounded skill set to the table. Your business's growth and success are my ultimate objectives, and I am committed to employing my expertise to achieve exceptional results.

Top Skills

E-Commerce » Shopify

Experience: 5+ years

With 6 years as a Shopify expert, I've honed my ability to craft high-converting e-commerce stores while embodying meticulous UI design, seamless operations, and multi-faceted proficiency. My portfolio spans product optimization, order management, strategic product advertising, Klaviyo integrations, user-centric design, SEO optimization, and adeptness in managing multiple themes and customizations. My holistic approach ensures the creation of online stores that transcend design and function, delivering exceptional customer experiences that result in lasting business success. High-Converting Store Mastery: Over the years, my forte has become the creation of e-commerce platforms that transcend visual aesthetics. My skill lies in designing every store element to optimize user journeys, resulting in amplified conversions and robust revenue growth. UI Excellence: My work is a testament to unwavering attention to detail. I painstakingly perfect every facet of UI design, ensuring that the user experience is nothing short of captivating, intuitive, and engaging. Optimal Product Presentation: I excel in optimizing products to captivate audiences. By employing strategic categorization, compelling descriptions, and visually engaging imagery, I transform products into irresistible offerings. Efficient Order Management: My skill set encompasses the efficient orchestration of order management processes. From order processing to fulfillment, I create streamlined systems to ensure a seamless post-purchase experience for customers. Strategic Product Advertising: I've mastered product advertisement strategies that command attention and drive substantial traffic. My campaigns leverage key product attributes to captivate and engage the target audience. Klaviyo Integration and Customer Focus: Seamlessly integrating Klaviyo for robust customer communication, I emphasize customer-centric navigation and checkout processes, culminating in a shopping experience that is user-friendly and optimized for conversions. SEO-Optimized Excellence: My strategies focus on crafting SEO-friendly stores that attract high traffic, resulting in superior conversions. I integrate proven SEO techniques to maximize visibility and search engine rankings. Mastering Multi-Themes and Customizations: With a deep understanding of both front and backend Shopify capabilities, I navigate across diverse themes and customizations with ease, providing clients with tailored solutions that align with their brand's identity. Data-Informed Decision Making: My decision-making hinges on analytics insights. I draw from user behavior data to iteratively optimize both design and operational processes for superior outcomes. Collaborative Leadership: My achievements are attributed to my collaborative prowess. I seamlessly collaborate with multifunctional teams, including marketers, developers, and clients, to ensure designs and operations are aligned with overarching business goals. Constant Learning and Adaptation: In the face of a swiftly evolving industry, I remain proactive in learning and adapting. I embrace emerging trends and advancements to ensure my strategies remain cutting-edge and effective. With an illustrious 6-year journey in Shopify development, I have curated a stellar career centered around crafting e-commerce experiences that excel in driving conversions, delivering impeccable user interface (UI) design, and orchestrating seamless operational management. My comprehensive expertise spans product optimization, order management, strategic product advertisement, Klaviyo integrations, customer-centric navigation, SEO optimization, high-traffic generation, and the seamless management of multiple themes and customizations in both Shopify front and backend.

Other Skills

Advertising » Facebook Ads

Experience: 2 - 5 years

I have amassed a rich and successful 6-year journey in Facebook marketing, showcasing expertise in crafting strategic ad campaigns that drive high conversions at an optimal cost. My accomplishments include: Ad Campaign Mastery: For the past six years, I have honed my skills in creating highly effective ad campaigns across both Facebook and Instagram platforms. I understand the nuances of each platform and tailor campaigns to leverage their unique strengths for maximum impact. Precise Targeting: My experience involves meticulous audience targeting, ensuring that ads reach the right demographics, interests, and behaviors. This precision drives engagement and minimizes ad spend wastage, resulting in efficient cost management. Retargeting Excellence: I have mastered the art of retargeting, capitalizing on users who have previously interacted with the brand. My strategies re-engage potential customers, leading to improved conversion rates and lower acquisition costs. Look-alike Audiences Expertise: Utilizing look-alike audiences, I've successfully expanded campaign reach beyond the existing customer base. By identifying profiles similar to high-converting segments, I've unlocked new opportunities for growth and conversions. Optimal Cost-Conversion Balance: One of my core strengths is crafting ads that strike the perfect balance between low cost and high conversion rates. This approach maximizes ROI and ensures efficient resource allocation. Impression Optimization: I have consistently achieved impressive results by optimizing campaigns for the highest impressions per CPM (Cost per Mille). My strategies boost brand visibility and engagement without compromising on cost efficiency. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Throughout my journey, I've embraced data-driven decision-making. I leverage performance analytics and insights to continuously refine and enhance campaign strategies, making informed adjustments for optimal outcomes. Innovative Adaptation: The dynamic nature of digital marketing demands constant adaptation. Over the years, I've navigated algorithm changes, new features, and industry shifts, staying ahead of trends to maintain campaign efficacy. Collaborative Success: I have collaborated seamlessly with cross-functional teams, including designers, copywriters, and developers, to ensure cohesive and impactful campaigns. This collaborative approach enhances the overall quality and effectiveness of the ads. In summary, my 6-year experience in Facebook marketing is marked by a deep understanding of ad placement, precise audience targeting, retargeting strategies, and look-alike audience utilization. I excel at achieving low-cost, high-conversion ads while focusing on the highest impressions per CPM. My results-driven approach and adaptability make me a seasoned professional in the ever-evolving world of Facebook marketing.


Marketing » Social Media Management » Instagram marketing

Customer Support » Sales Support

Design » Adobe » Photoshop

Marketing » Social Media Management » Social Media Marketing

Marketing » Email Marketing

Web Programming » HTML

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Score:  92
Dominance: 47
Influence: 25
Steadiness: 7
Compliance: 21
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