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VA - Expert eBay Manager - Product Sourcing - Manual Listing

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VA - Expert eBay Manager - Product Sourcing - Manual Listing - Order Fulfillment - All in One eBay VA
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Thanks for visiting my profile. If you are looking for an expert eBay VA. I am confident that my skills and experience could make a great contribution to your business. My knowledge and understanding on how eBay and drop shipping business works makes me a perfect candidate for any position. Admin tasks is one of my expertise. 

I can manage an eBay store from the scratch or a store that already running and needed to be managed.

When I started to work as a VA last 2017 my first job was managing 5 different eBay store both drop shipping using Amazon as supplier, the two store are based in the UK Market and the three are in the US Market. My tasks and responsibilities is more on customer service. 

I have to make sure that all queries are handled everyday and I make sure that there are no open cases nor returns by the end of day, my priority is to maintain the good condition of each eBay store. I am customer oriented and I always make a positive response to every pre-sale and post-sale inquiries, the goal is to build a great relationship with the customers that will lead them to buying again from us. I also maintained the positive feedback of every eBay store from 99.98% to 100%.

As we use Salefreaks tools, the orders are automated. Therefore, every eBay orders that need to be shipped within 24 hours should be checked from Amazon directly and make sure that they are processed. If the sold products are out of stock from Amazon, I have to find alternative ways or solutions to make sure we fulfill and ship that specific order within that day to avoid getting the “late shipment” status on eBay, otherwise I have to cancel the order on eBay and refund the customer. 

Being that said, comparing today, it is very important that you don't get late shipment or cancelled orders very often in your eBay store specially if you are drop shipping using retail suppliers, it would get the attention of eBay sales and specialists and might end up you being suspended.

I also do market research using ZikAnalytics and then scan the sellers for hot items using the Shipdropper tool and save the file as .csv and import them through Salefreaks to be listed on each eBay store, then I will optimize the title using SEO keywords and long tail keywords. But now in the present day, I can do more on product research, I can do it manually on eBay or using ZikAnalytics, I also analyze the product before listing the item manually, and make sure that it is listed in the right competition with powerful and unique eBay title and item specifics to boost the sales conversion by getting the right traffic and impressions.

On the other hand, After working with my first client for over a year. My next job from another client was different, when eBay made a lot of updates and changes, they became more stricter on their Upgrade to see actual infoline with that, I was assigned as a product researcher and listing products manually on eBay, I learned how to master those skills and I am so happy that learning to understand the eBay policy is a plus because till the present day, my expertise are working and also improving, it has been a big contribution to my other clients as their eBay business are keep on growing and now currently sold items at least a $100k in 30 Upgrade to see actual info addition to my tasks is to upload the listings onto Skugrid for the stocks and price monitoring.

The suppliers that I have experienced with are the following: Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Webstaurant, Costo, BJS, AEWholesale, Dicksporting, Eastwind,  and more.

The seller tools and apps that I am using or had experience are ZikAnalytics, Salefreaks, Priceyakk, WebsellerGuru, Tactical Arbitrage, AutoDS, Skugrid, Microsoft Office, Google Sheets, Photoshop, Canva, Title-Builder, Watchcount, and so on. 

I also studied Information Technology and Computer Technician which might help in the future, that also gives a big factor for me in terms of working or learning with any applications or tools to understand easier. I am very confident to say that I would easily learn in less than a day. 

I also had experience in Etsy, Mercari, Facebook Shop and Facebook Marketplace.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss more about my qualifications. I sincerely hope that my qualifications are of interest to you, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks again for your time.
Kind regards,
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