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Exec Asst to CEOs |Online Business Management | Digital Arts

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Php 70,000.00/month
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Champion in the world of communication and design with a track record of creating and implementing successful marketing (social) media campaigns and initiatives
Bacolor, Pampanga
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February 22nd, 2023 (29 days ago)
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January 5th, 2023

Modern marketing is very different now from the marketing when I started way back in 2003. Today digital strategies are playing different importance and the traditional marketing I knew such as print is becoming less relevant and effective but I must say that the strategy or the main core of marketing is still intact and that is communication - being able to send the right message and making that message work to the target audience. 
Creativity and communication are still important and applicable especially in the newer marketing concept skills that we have right now and I take pride in being able to adapt to these two different worlds. Traditional and digital marketing aim only to communicate with the customers. Skills that I was able to grow and learn from that time on: 
1. Communication. Marketing is all about communicating to an audience, it’s my top skill - relationship building, brand awareness, marketing and promoting - message is always the key to get information right and accurate. 
2. Creativity. Marketing is being able to cut through the noise and deliver a message that will hit your target customer. Thinking outside the box or no box at all is one of the ways I did from my previous experiences, having promoted and marketed an expressway is something I will always be proud of as a marketing professional. And that creativity does not end in design and how you’re able to execute concepts but how creative I can be when the budget is Upgrade to see actual info’s coming up with innovative solutions to at least solve problems and survive challenges. 
3. Interpersonal Skills. When communication is at top, there can be no excuse for not being able to work closely with a broader team which I bring to the table as I have led a task force in order to achieve an excellent customer satisfaction rating when I was with NLEX. 
4. Data Analysis. I was exposed to and worked for foodpanda which is a food delivery service app and my main job was to grow orders on a monthly Upgrade to see actual info took government stakeholders relationships and a lot of community building strategies to market the app and later on grow the Upgrade to see actual info was my exposure in this business where I learned that activities and strategies to market business will only be futile if it’s not based on numbers. I learned that data is so important and it makes way to come up with the best solution and strategy to market your product/service. That Marketing is nothing without measurement: we need to calculate success and ROI of all the efforts we are making in marketing. 
5. Research. To fulfill campaigns and strategies to market, it will require a lot of research from creating content, looking into competitor’s marketing campaigns, learning about topic relevant to the product or service that you provide, and building a network specific to the industry.

  • Adobe Indesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Video Editing
  • Marketing Project Management

Graphics & Multimedia
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Video Editing

Project Management
  • Marketing Project Management

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