Virtual Assistant, SEO Manager, Wordpress Blogger, AliExpress

Salary Php 35,000.00/month ( $679 USD )
40 hrs/wk ( $4.24 USD/hr )
Experience 5 years SEO specialist, AliExpress Dropshipper, Amazon Affiliate, AdSense Publisher
Education High school diploma
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Basic Information


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Age 26
Gender Male
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Last Active 2019-03-19
Member Since 2015-01-13

Skill Summary

I worked as a customer service representative in a BPO company in the Philippines, I also worked as hosting admin/VA as a freelancer.
As a hosting admin, I install and manage WordPress sites from different hosting such as Linode, GoDaddy, Vultr, Digital Ocean, etc.
I created and sold WordPress site, made an amazon affiliate website, and an AliExpress Dropshipper.

Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)

Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant) Experience:

I've been a VA for two months. Although that's for a short time only (seasonal account), I'm confident that I excel on doing my tasks during that time. I help my client setup 30 WordPress site per day on different hosting and giving him 100 articles per day.

Skill Rating:

  • Admin Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Email Management
  • Research


English Experience:

English language is in my curriculum since I was in the elementary school so I'm pretty sure I know this language for a long time. Although english is not my native language, I'm confident in my english communication skills.

Skill Rating:

  • Speaking
  • Translation
  • Writing


Writing Experience:

I have three years of writing experience with my own website. I have two niche site and one authority website.

Skill Rating:

  • Blogging
  • Web Content Writing

Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales Experience:

I've been doing SEO for three years now. I have different results but my recent authority site is ranking in different long tail keywords and I have 800-1000 unique visitors per day. All of my link building and SEO method are pure white hat.

Skill Rating:

  • Facebook Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing


Advertising Experience:

I've been testing Facebook ads for my viral site for a while now. I have different results doing that.

Skill Rating:

  • Facebook Ads


Webmaster Experience:

I'm doing my blog on Wordpress so I know a background about it. As for the HTML, I learn my first lesson when I was 13 and practicing the language until now.

Skill Rating:

  • Css
  • Google analytics
  • Html
  • Wordpress

Graphics & Multimedia

Graphics & Multimedia Experience:

I'm practicing my web page design recently with dreamweaver and learned how CSS works. Softwares like photoshop and other graphic tools is what I really want to learn and master (hopefully) It interest me a lot when I'm seeing how webmasters did those things in their website and I really want to do what they did.

Skill Rating:

  • Logo Design
  • Recording Audio
  • Video Editing
  • Web page Design

Customer Service & Admin Support

Customer Service & Admin Support Experience:

I worked as a customer service representative in different BPO company here in the Philippines.

Skill Rating:

  • Customer Support
  • Social Media Moderation

Project Management

Skill Rating:

  • Marketing Project Management
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