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October 13th, 2023 (48 days ago)

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Hello, I'm Upgrade to see actual info, a result-driven Amazon Specialist with 1.5 years of hands-on experience at My Amazon Guy, complemented by 3 months of comprehensive training, insights, and familiarity in the Amazon space through AmazoNation PH's Amazon FBA Seller Masterclass, with a strong track record in Amazon Accounts mainly in catalog management, troubleshooting, SEO, and project management. With a keen eye for generating sales reports and troubleshooting, I excel in efficiently handling tasks such as updates, uploads, and technical challenges. My expertise extends to SEO strategies, including competitor analysis and crafting client-focused copy.

As for Troubleshooting, here are the things I can be service of.
-Listing Optimization
-Amazon Brand Name Change
-Listing Reinstatement
-Account Suspension

1. Amazon Brand Name Change
Have you been struggling to update your brand name on your Amazon listing? Have you watched several how-to videos with no success? Then it's time for me to step in and handle the work for you.
With my brand name change services, you will:
-Gain access to brand-building tools if your brand name doesn't match the brand registry.
-Change the name for your A+ Content, Brand Storefronts, Virtual Bundles, Amazon Live, and more.
-Access exclusive Sponsored Brand advertising, including popular video ads.
-Ensure the protection of your product listing information from other sellers. 

2. UPC to GS1 Barcode Change Service
Are you encountering issues with your listings being removed due to GS1 Barcode Certification errors? If so, I have a service to resolve this issue for you in a stress-free manner.
Amazon's policy change requires GS1-certified barcodes for listings. Listings without these certified barcodes are being taken down. This issue arises from a mismatch between the registered brand name of the UPC barcode and the brand name of the listing.  

3. Account Reinstatement
Has your seller account faced suspension or deactivation? I can help you reinstate your account efficiently for various types of account suspensions:
Level 1: Suspension due to Order Defect Rate Issues (A-Z Claims, Negative Feedback, Late Shipments, Chargebacks, Misuse of Parent/Child Variations, etc.).
Level 2: Suspension for other issues, including Fraud, Legal Matters, Dropshipping Violations, Duplicate Accounts, Verification Documents, Copyright/Trademark, Inauthentic Products, etc.
*******Please note that I provide third-party assistance for Amazon Seller Central Account reinstatement. Reactivation depends solely on Amazon's Upgrade to see actual info case Amazon doesn't provide reinstatement guidance, there may be no pathway to reactivate the account.  

4. Amazon Listing Reinstatements
Has Amazon deactivated your best-selling ASIN? Do you need help reinstating the removed listing to put an end to the "Page Not Found" error? I'm here to assist.
I can help with various types of listing takedowns:
-Copyright Claims Takedowns
-Trademark Infringement Removals
-Medical Claims Takedowns
-Listing Condition Complaint Resolutions
-Restricted Item/Ingredient Claim Resolutions
-Brand Takedown Solutions
-Item Safety Reestablishment
Please note that the categories above are not exhaustive.

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