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So, you’re looking for a writer and your search has eventually led you… to me!
Woohoo! Welcome!
(I’m having a quick little party dance over here just because you dropped by!)
Anyway, let me start off by saying that I won’t give you any grand speeches and bold claims. I’m pretty sure you’re tired of reading all those AND it’s all probably sounding like the same blah blah blah…

“But Upgrade to see actual info, that’s why I’m here!”
Because I’m pretty sure that by now you would have read so many amazing and well-written claims. Well, there are so many awesome writers here (yeah! go team!).
You’re here because you still haven’t found THE ONE.
You’re here because you’re still searching for something different.
You’re here because after reading all those impressive profiles— wait, why are you here? I think you know why, better than I do.
Let me share with you something quick. I love reading. I grew up devouring stories and worlds, and I have an entire wall of books! But now… my attention span keeps getting shorter and shorter by the Upgrade to see actual info’s not just Upgrade to see actual info today’s tech-driven world, you need to stand out, now, more than ever.
So, if I’m not mistaken, that’s probably why you’re here.
Now then, if you’re still reading this, I think it’s about time to introduce myself.
“Finally! So, your experience says Digital Advertising and Marketing Research, but you’re not a writer, how does that help me?”
Aha! You caught me.
I started out in Marketing Research, managing teams, and clients in QSR, F&B, Retail, Banking and Finance, Lifestyle & Entertainment, and other industries. Matching their current marketing efforts with actual customer experiences. With all those data in the palm of my hands, I sat with them during their strategy meetings. Because I wrote business reports, trend reports, case studies, competitor studies, so they can understand what works for them and what does not.
I eventually resigned and started an independent Video Production company, together with my partner, and we produced Digital Ads, TVCs, Corporate AVPs, and other mediums. With the help of my background in marketing research (well, I think so), we were able to clinch clients from the same industries. At the same time, I’ve also written copy for digital ads, scriptwriting for corporate videos, and created storyboards for clients.
Hopefully, you see how my experiences can help you by now.
“Ok. That’s actually great! But it looks like you’re just starting out as a freelance writer.”
Aha! You caught me again.
Yes, I’m new to freelancing, but I’m not new to Upgrade to see actual info just wasn’t my exact job title. If you’re still worried, I gotchu! I also invested in online copywriting courses, and I am also part of Copywriting Dojo Philippines’ Inner Circle. Because growing never stops!
So if you’re still with me so far, or you’d like to know more, shoot me a message at Upgrade to see actual info

Top Skills

Marketing » Copywriting

Office and Administration » Translation

Other Skills

Customer Support » Phone Support » English Speaking

Marketing » Content Creation » Creative Writing

Marketing » Content Creation » Blogging

Marketing » Video Marketing

Video Editing

Office and Administration » Data Entry

Office and Administration » Transcription

Marketing » Content Creation » Microblog Content Writing

Office and Administration » Personal Assistant

Office and Administration » Microsoft Excel

E-Commerce » Inventory Management » Quality Control

Marketing » Content Creation » Technical Writing

Marketing » Content Creation » Ghost Writing

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Steadiness: 48%
Compliance: 36%
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- Steve Raiken

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