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the BEST Hire Every Time.

For a limited time, I’ll give you access to my personal hiring team. With 10+ years of hiring experience and access to 1,000,000+ profiles, they will help you find the BEST candidate for your position.

Dear John,

Arlo, my Virtual Assistant for the past 3 months that I found through you, takes the cake. He is all I could want in an assistant, and more, and in a price range I can afford as someone who is very new in my business.

Thanks, John!

Mariah Secrest-Comer

Avoid Hiring Mistakes & Problems With Absolute Certainty:

Right now, your mind is probably swarming with a lot of questions...

“What if I hire the wrong person? Or even worse, get scammed?”

“What if I never find the right person?”

“What if my job posts don’t get any applications at all?”

“What should I do next? Am I even doing it right?”

Stop stressing.

What you’re feeling is perfectly normal.

You’re experiencing Analysis Paralysis, and it happens to almost every employer.

It’s the whole reason so many use recruitment companies to do their hiring, which may seem like a good option, (even if they will cost you twice as much and take from your VA’s earnings)...

After all, you should get an expert to do crucial tasks for you, right?

Here’s the truth:

Recruiting companies are expensive and they don’t work.

We’ve found a better way to hire--
it’s affordable and it involves YOU.

Afterall, Your Short-Term & Long-Term Hiring Success is 100% Dependent on Your Involvement in the Hiring Process

If you don’t have any skin in the game, you’re going to struggle to find a quality candidate.

As crazy as it sounds, I found out that recruiting your own gives you a better shot at long-term success compared to relying on recruitment companies…

...and having experts guiding you while YOU do the recruiting DOUBLES your chances of success.

Here are some common patterns I noticed when comparing entrepreneurs involved in the hiring process compared to those who aren’t:

Hiring with expert guidance offers 2x more chances of long-term hiring success compared to recruitment companies.

Personal involvement in the hiring process establishes a stronger employee-employer relationship with workers and builds more trust.

Having some skin in the game keeps you invested in the hiring process and its outcome

We know these facts because thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners flock to our site after relying too much on recruitment companies (and discovering they can do it better on their own)

...and we don’t want your experience to turn into a hiring horror story!

After more than a decade of recruiting, selecting, and hiring thousands of online workers (and having access to 500,000+ profiles), my team and I made this key discovery:

There’s Actually a Foolproof Way to
Hire the Best Candidate
with 90% Certainty

Compared to complete reliance on recruitment companies, I realized that when our hiring specialists team up with entrepreneurs and business owners during the hiring process, they almost always find the right person!

And there are endless reasons why teaming up with hiring specialists makes sense, including:

Our experts can easily recognize and call-out your “hiring blindspots.”

Your intuition combined with our hiring expertise will give you a potent advantage in locating the right candidate for your among hundreds of thousands of resumes.

We’ll do the time consuming hiring work for you, including a deep-dive background check. Let us do the busy work!

Combining your knowledge and intuitive preference and my team of hiring experts’ skills and experience only means one thing:

A successful hire!

Just imagine:

Knowing exactly what to do and expect from your hiring process. You’re not stressing out, you’re not clueless, you’re 100% in control…

Writing a job post that effectively weeds out the bad hires while attracting the good workers at the same time…with help from my team!

Knowing exactly what to do, what to say, and what to look out for during interviews…with my team to guide you through it!

Having access to a potential candidates’ backgrounds so you can see all the red flags and issues and calmly avoid scammers and bad hires…with my team to ensure you don’t miss ANYTHING!

Knowing the best person to hire, even if you already have a pool of good candidates before you...and my team to confirm that you’re picking the right one.

Having a team of veteran hiring experts “looking over your shoulder” making sure you’re doing everything right...

Sounds like a distant dream?

Then you’ll absolutely love what you’re about to discover!

Hand-Held Hiring

Our foolproof hiring process: Let my team of veteran hiring experts “hold your hand” throughout the entire hiring process. You’ll make the best hiring decisions every step of the way—from the first job post right down to hiring the best candidate!

10x Easier You can finally stop feeling scared, confused, or worried about your entire hiring process. Our team will “hold your hand” and will help you check and improve starting from your job post right down to your final list of top candidates—so you’re 100% sure you’re getting the best person for the job.

10x Surer You can now sleep in peace knowing that you’ve hired the right person who will stick with you long- term. We’ll alert you with a candidate’s hiring red flags and concerns brought up by previous employers, as well as identifying and helping you avoid potential scammers.

Hire The Best Person Stop wondering if you’ve hired the best person for the job; you have access to a team of hiring experts to do it for you. Once you’ve whittled your list down to the last few candidates, our decade-long insights and experience will guide you to the best choice for you and your business.

Here’s The Kind of Support You’ll Get From
Hand-Held Hiring:

Recruitment Support

Valued at $749++

Say goodbye to job posts that went unnoticed and job posts that attract the wrong people.

During your recruitment phase, our team of veteran hiring experts will help you create an effective job post that’s designed to weed out bad hires and attract the right people based on your business goals.

Here are the recruitment support services you’ll enjoy with Hand-Held Hiring:

Goal Setting Are you likely to find a good worker? We’ll help you set the right goals for your job post so you don’t waste time, energy, and money on the wrong person. We’ll keep you on track.

Job Post Assessment Is it too specific? Too general? Not enough info? We’ll look at your job post and advise you on how to reconstruct your job post so you can immediately spot potential bad hires and attract better candidates at the same time.

Skill Requirements Assessment We’ll assess the skills you’re looking for from a potential job candidate and make sure that they’re realistic and can be hired within the scope of your budget.

Worker Preference Insights Throughout the recruitment phase, we’ll provide you with insights on what the best Filipino workers prefer while searching for jobs online.

Right after your recruitment phase, you can expect to have a pool of solid candidates ready for the interview phase.

Recruitment Support
Interview Support
Interview Support

Valued at $749++

Interviewing job candidates can be nerve-wracking, but with Hand-Held Hiring’s Interview Support, this process can be a lot easier and faster.

During the interview phase, we’ll provide you with all the instruction and analysis you need so you can further narrow down your pool of candidates and pick the best from the rest:

Interview Instruction We’ll provide you with clear and straightforward interview instructions that are tested and proven by our team to provide the most interviewing success.

Interview Advice We’ll give you advice on who should move on to the last round of your hiring phase so you can stop wondering if you’re choosing the right candidates for your job

Once we’re done with the interview phase, expect to have your last 3 candidates and one decision away from getting the best person for your job

Selection Support
Selection Support

Valued at $749

Once you have your final list of top candidates, it can be pretty tough to only pick one.

We’re here to help you make the best decision and avoid “Hirer’s Remorse” so you can proceed to hire your dream candidate without second-guessing yourself:

Final List Evaluations We’ll comb through the credentials of your top candidates and we’ll check for skill mismatches and other potential issues just to ensure you’re getting the best person for your job.

Complete Check We’ll conduct a comprehensive background check on your top candidates and review: • profile • Duplicate accounts • Related accounts • Employment history • History of concerns via our support channel • Social media accounts During this phase, you have our team of veteran hiring experts carefully assessing your top candidates so you can pick the best of the best. Once you’re done, we’ll hire the right person for your job!

Hiring Support (& Beyond)

Valued at $749

Once we’ve helped you secure the best candidate for your business, what’s next?

During the hiring phase, we’ll help you begin your working relationship on good terms so you can get the best ROI for your business:

Hiring Instructions We’ll show you how to hire the candidate you want immediately without the hassle.

First Task Goals We’ll help you set appropriate goals for your first task with the person you hired to make sure you can work with this person

First Task Instructions & Advice We’ll evaluate the first task and instructions before you give them to your new hire. We’ll ensure that the instructions and expectaions are clear so you can start your working relationship on the right foot.

Once we’re done with the interview phase, expect to have your last 3 candidates and one decision away from getting the best person for your job

Hiring Support

“The virtual assistants I hired have just been the best I found anywhere. They are highly experienced. They are highly trained. I don’t have to do much training to onboard them at all.” — Paul Lipsky

Hand-Held Hiring:
is Specifically Made For:

Small business owners who want to scale their business with the right people

Struggling business owners who are sick of being scared and worried about bad hires

Online entrepreneurs who want to run and grow their business 24/7 the right way

Mompreneurs and Dadpreneurs who want to win back their family time

Ambitious entrepreneurs who want to build their own empire faster

Business owners who are tired of “Analysis Paralysis”, scammers, and being overwhelmed

Hi, I’m John Jonas

I’m the founder of—the largest marketplace of Filipino workers, which I built after discovering how Filipino VAs made my life better.

Because of my Filipino workers, I get to play a lot of golf, spend a lot of time with my wife and kids, and get out backpacking in the middle of the week.

Best of all, I’ve been making 6 to 7-figure income online consistently since 2004.


...not everything was a walk in the park.

When I was just starting building my outsourcing empire, I slipped and tumbled on my entire hiring process.

I’ve had to deal with:

Analysis Paralysis

Job posts that went unnoticed

The fear of not finding the right person to hire

The fear of getting scammed

The fear of spending time recruiting and not having it work out

Getting “dream hires” only to discover hiring concerns and red flags way too late

…and much, much more.

Hiring can be tough, confusing, and overwhelming. I know. I’ve done it myself and watched thousands of people do it.

But you don’t have to endure a long, painful process of trial and error when my team and I can tell you right away:




...just so you can get the best person for your job!

Imagine getting “insider information” to at least 500,000 online profiles with a hiring expert holding your hand along the way..

That’s what Hand-Held Hiring will do for you. I specifically designed it to ensure you’re getting the best candidates while making the entire hiring process 10x faster and easier.

I’m all about building a hassle-free business, now it’s time for you to discover and enjoy that kind of business too.

Experience our foolproof hiring system for yourself today!

What You’ll Receive
When You Get Hand-Held Hiring Today


Recruitment Support

$749 Value

Interview Support

$749 Value

Selection Support

$749 Value

Hiring Support (& Beyond)

$749 Value


Would You Spend $2996 to Hire The Right Person, Win Back Your Time, and Grow Your Business—All At The Same Time?

Looking back to the time I spent building my business on my own and with the wrong people, my answer is 100% ‘YES’.

Especially with a team of veteran hiring experts guiding me on each step of the way? It’s a no-brainer!

It’s like having a hiring expert looking over your shoulder telling you exactly what to do—everything is easier, faster, and surer!

If you ask the thousands of entrepreneurs I helped win their time back, they’ll also answer ‘YES’ (and maybe even offer to pay more).

Thinking about it, I could easily charge at least $4,000 for this service for the level of comfort, speed, and certainty Hand-Held Hiring is offering…

But lucky for you, I won’t do that.

For a limited time, I’m offering you Hand-Held Hiring at the fraction of its real value:

Get Hand-Held Hiring Today For ONLY


$499 ONLY

But wait…

Because you're using, I’ll even sweeten the deal with this one-time offer just for you:


You only pay:


That’s right, reading up to this point tells me that you’re 100% committed to winning your time back and growing your business. That’s why I’m more than happy to cut it down by $200 just to make sure you’re getting the best hiring support for you and your business!

Ready to get the best hiring support so you can finally get the right person, win back your time, and grow your business? Click here:

“Why would you cut it down to 1/14 of its valued price?”

The answer is easy:

I love helping other entrepreneurs like me win their time back and enjoy the life they’ve always wanted.

I know how scary, confusing, and overwhelming it can be to find and hire the right person.

I’ve got five kids and I know how important it is for you and your family to share special moments together… can reclaim your personal time; all it takes is confidence and the right person working for you. I guarantee that these resources will give you that confidence.

I want you to discover and enjoy the “17-hour workweek”...

...and with this limited-time offer, you have the opportunity to make that happen!

30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

On the rare chance that you’re not satisfied with Hand-Held Hiring, just contact us and you’ll get your money back hassle-free!

Everyone is tired of refund policies that:

1. Don’t tell you everything

2. Have some hidden fine print

3. Keep you waiting for the refund

We want everything to be fair and transparent. That’s why if you’re not happy with Hand-Held Hiring for any reason, you can contact us within 30 days, show us that you’ve implemented our advice & support, and we’ll be happy to help you out!

Ready to get the best hiring support so you can finally get the right person, win back your time, and grow your business? Click here:

Don’t Just Take It From Me,
See What Other Entrepreneurs Are Saying

“I plan on continuing to build my business with the help of my Filipino team. I source good employees through my hiring process...and will continue to refine how I do business in the Philippines.” — Jesse L. Razo

“I was able to hire two VAs who are currently with me. They really did revolutionize the game and made managing my business easier.” — Travis Marziani

“I’ve got several VAs that work with me and if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to run my businesses or scale them. So I very much appreciate the work that they do.” — Sarah Crisp

“I hired an amazing virtual assistant/ web designer and she works for me about 25 hrs per week. Fantastic and professional employees with English better than people I've hired in Canada.” — Adina Zaiontz

“I currently have 3 AMAZING VAs. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Just like any job, there are good and some that are not so good candidates. It's a process but once you find the right one, your working life will never be the same.” — Brigitte Benge

Ready to get the best hiring support so you can finally get the right person, win back your time, and grow your business? Click here:

Right Now You Have 3 Options:

Option #1: Try other hiring methods out there (and wonder, again, why they failed)

Option #2: Do nothing.

Option #3: Invest only $299 on a foolproof hiring process that’s been tested and proven for over a decade.

If you choose option #1 or option #2, don’t worry. It’s completely up to you. You’ve made your decision and I respect that.

However, if you decided to choose option #3, then you’re about to discover that winning your time back and growing your business can be 10x easier and faster with the right person!

Ready to get the best hiring support so you can finally get the right person, win back your time, and grow your business? Click here:

Frequently Asked Questions

“Is this beginner-friendly?”

Yes! You don’t have to worry about jargon and vague explanations. We’ll be giving you all the instructions, advice, and other supporting tools and information in a clear and straightforward manner.

“I’m already doing fine on my own, do I need this?”

Great! Glad to hear that! However, if you want more time to spend on your own and with your family while growing your business while you’re away or sleeping, then Hand-Held Hiring will do wonders for you!

“How do I know if I’m ready for this?”

Frankly speaking, we’ll never know. But let me give you a clue: You’re this far down the page and still reading this. Just try it--you have nothing to lose.

“Will I make X figures from this?”

It’s highly variable. The ROI you’ll get from Hand-Held Hiring entirely depends on the kind of worker you hired, the tasks you delegated, the effectiveness of your business model, the trajectory of your business, and the price of your business’s offer among other things.

“What if I tried Hand-Held Hiring and it didn’t work for me?”

No worries! In the rare case that our process didn’t work, just show us that you implemented everything we’ve suggested and we’ll give you your money back. No hard feelings!

“When will this be available again?”

Unfortunately, I don’t know. I’m offering this service to a select few and knowing the duration of the entire process, it might take a while—especially if they used Hand-Held Hiring again. If you think you really need this service, then get it today while it’s still available.

Ready to get the best hiring support so you can finally get the right person, win back your time, and grow your business? Click here:

Looking forward to working with you!

To your success,
John Jonas

Just a Quick Rundown…

Here’s what you’ll get from Hand-Held Hiring today:


Recruitment Support

$749 Value

Interview Support

$749 Value

Selection Support

$749 Value

Hiring Support (& Beyond)

$749 Value


Get Hand-Held Hiring Today For ONLY


Ready to get the best hiring support so you can finally get the right person, win back your time, and grow your business at the same time? Click here: