An Onlinejobs Hiring Success, But not All Roses

Ross Lumbus

Here at, we've always been happy to get feedback, both positive and negative. We also like sharing amazing stories from virtual assistants, and from the employers who found their perfect VA's. This one from Ross Lumbus is something we … [Read more...]

Beginner’s Outsourcing Kit


Congratulations on taking that first step into outsourcing. Like you, I was intimidated by all the things I had to set up when I started outsourcing. Unfortunately for me, outsourcing was still in its infancy when I first started doing it years ago. … [Read more...]

We Are Not Upwork

We are not upwork 3

There's been a lot of confusion between the different job platforms that exist. Because we all serve basically the same purpose, people get to interchange different features, or misunderstand how each platform works. In fact, whenever … [Read more...]