Changing lives with outsourcing: a two-way street


Outsourcing creates more time for James to be with his family and pursue the things he loves. It also gives him the opportunity changes the lives of his Filipino workers for the better. James worked for years in manufacturing, building and … [Read more...]

Just Released – E-book for Online Work Newcomers

A new year is a new start. If you’re planning to shift to online work and don’t know where to begin, this is a good place to start. We just released an e-book meant to guide people like you, and answer questions ranging from ‘What is online work?’ to … [Read more...]

4 Important Things To Remember When Firing Someone


Sometimes, it’s time to let go of the virtual assistant you hired. It may be because they’re underperforming, or maybe because they’ve outgrown their initial purpose for your business. Maybe your company is shrinking, or maybe you just want to be … [Read more...]

6 Reasons We Use Basecamp for Project Management

6 reasons why we use basecamp at

I tried probably 6 different project management systems before settling on Basecamp. Heck, I even tried Basecamp once (and didn't stick with it) in the early days before coming back to it and settling on it (in that time they added the one killer … [Read more...]