Does Age Matter When Applying for a Virtual Assistant Job?

This is actually a common scenario in today’s internet world of work and business.

womanOkay, so you don’t have to be as old as Robert De Niro on the movie intern, but there are many people in their 40’s and above who message us, fearing that they don’t have it in them anymore to be effective in the job. In fact, someone has asked us if it was possible to hide their age from their profile.

So we end up asking the question, “Does Age Matter When Applying for a Virtual Assistant Job?”

The answer is ONE BIG NO.

As long as you’re legally allowed to work, age shouldn’t be a factor if you want to be a virtual assistant. Age is a much less factor compared to these qualities:

1. Skills

If you have the skills to do the job, why in the world not? Young applicants may be exposed to the latest software, but unlike you, they haven’t used it for years. Don’t underestimate the current skills you have.

2. Discipline

A lot of younger applicants have mastered the art of discipline, but experience is the best teacher. You’ve already been through so many experiences where there was total reliance on your discipline to get the job done, and you do. It’s a quality not everybody has, especially when you can’t see your boss.

3. Communication Skills

manSocial skills and the ability to communicate your needs and your comments in the most understandable way possible is an instinct.

If you don’t have that instinct, it’s something you develop over time. It’s not that easy to adjust to different bosses, or talk with team mates in a way that’s cooperative and suggestive instead of pushy. You learn that by trial and error and the willingness to adjust. Communication is a vital skill required from a virtual assistant.

4. Willingness to Be Trained

If you don’t have the skills for online work yet, but you’re willing to be trained and open to new knowledge, that’s all that counts. If you were willing to explore the strange world of facebook, and was able to register for despite your kids snickering at you, then you’re brave enough to learn and start something new.

5. Asking for Help

You might think, well that’s no big deal. However, not everyone is willing to ask for help. Asking for help requires genuine want of learning, and less pride. Not everyone can lower their pride. It doesn’t matter if you’re asking for help from your boss, your team mates, or your friends. As long as you’re looking for answers or a better way of doing things, and you’re absorbing everything they teach you.

Are these qualities exclusive to a certain age group? No. Is belonging to the tech age an advantage, yes of course. But being a virtual assistant isn’t just about being a tech pro. Just like in the movie, The Intern, everybody has their own positive qualities that can be helpful for work, or even for life in general. As long as you remain positive, and have the genuine want to help a client and his business, you’ll be the perfect virtual assistant, even if you’re a “Tito” or “Tita”. 😉

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