4 Important Things To Remember When Firing Someone

Sometimes, it’s time to let go of the virtual assistant you hired. It may be because they’re underperforming, or maybe because they’ve outgrown their initial purpose for your business. Maybe your company is shrinking, or maybe you just want to be smarter with the decisions you make about how many people to hire at a time. Regardless of the reason, it’s tough to fire someone. But before you lay someone off, you need to know these four very important things:

Let them know how they’re doing

Don’t fire them all of the sudden, nor keep it in if they’ve been performing very badly the past few weeks. Suddenly laying them off can mean a big mess. Giving them regular feedback is crucial to give them a chance to improve and to let them know about what their status is. Communication is important so they won’t get left out in the dark.

If they continue to disappoint, it won’t come as a shock when you finally decide to let them go because you’ve been transparent with what you feel about their work. It will be easier for them to accept your decision.

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Be 100% Sure

Don’t let one single mistake determine their fate. You might fire them at the peak of anger without considering the consequences. You might still need a couple of things done from them, or their behavior may not have been totally objectionable according to your policies and/or guidelines.

This is why you need to take the time to think about this decision. Review your policies, and properly assess your worker. This is the only way you will be able to give a clear explanation for why you are firing this person. Not being able to give a proper justification might get you tangled in an unnecessary mess—legally or otherwise.

Don’t make them stop immediately

Make sure to give them apt time to prepare for the termination of their job. Just as you’d expect employees to hand over their resignation weeks before they will leave, they too need to prepare for getting fired. This is beneficial for both of you because your worker will need to turn over some files or tasks, and he/she will also have the opportunity to start looking for other places to work.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep

This is especially important if you’re firing someone because of factors that are not related to their performance (such as the company cutting some costs, or you not needing their service anymore). Just wishing them the best for their career will do. Don’t give them false hope. Offering them help when you can’t give any will come out as insensitive especially when you’re not sure that you can follow through.

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Regardless of the reason for letting them go, respect is always key. They are still human beings and they deserve to be treated well even when you’re about to fire them. It’s also better for both your sake and theirs that you don’t part ways on a bad note.


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