Travelling With My Family – Like a Boss

Hazel and her daughters at Bakasyunan

Hazel is the HR specialist of OnlineJobs.Ph. If you've ever been a vetted worker, if you've ever wanted to a hire a vetted worker, you've already communicated with our charming team mate. Apart from helping Filipinos get jobs or helping … [Read more...]

Mountain Biking – Like a Boss


The Onlinejobs team is made up of a variety of talented and interesting virtual assistants. Today's post is about one of our developers, Raymund. We all know that he's a sharp and funny guy who is always there when we need help despite his busy day. … [Read more...]

Visiting Japan- Like a Boss

jenesys 2016

Last month, I had the opportunity to visit Japan and learn about their culture. Best of all, I was able to represent the country as a female entrepreneur. The Japanese International Cooperation Center or JICE is an organization established by … [Read more...] Social Media Expert Wins Award

Julia Sta. Romana

The team is ecstatic. Our social media expert, Julia just won an award. Yey! Here's a picture of her carrying her 5 kilo trophy.   After posting that photo, she was bombarded with our comments and chat messages of … [Read more...]

Does Age Matter When Applying for a Virtual Assistant Job?


This is actually a common scenario in today’s internet world of work and business. Okay, so you don’t have to be as old as Robert De Niro on the movie intern, but there are many people in their 40’s and above who message us, fearing that they … [Read more...]