2018 Virtual Assistant Salaries in the Philippines


Virtual assistant salaries are varied, and will depend on the skill in which they specialize. As it usually goes, the more technical your skill set is, the higher your pay will be. Below is a guide we've prepared for job seekers and employers … [Read more...]

Why Pay, Other Sites Are Free?


The short: Other sites (Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr...) charge way higher back-end fees so you end up paying more. We don't charge any fees except the up-front recruiting fee. The longer: We have a long-term approach focused on what's best for … [Read more...]

What CAN a VA do for you? Anything!


 “It’s not just about taking things off your plate, it can also be about finding leverage points to grow [your business] further.”  Do you feel like you wasted time today? Matt Loberstein, the owner of a 7-figure Amazon e-commerce … [Read more...]