Training courses that give your Virtual Worker skills and confidence to be a Rockstar.

We’ve created relevant, detailed training courses for your Virtual Assistants so you don’t have to.

Create More Time for Yourself

Don’t waste time creating your own trainings for your workers - focus on building your business instead.

Provide Prime Education

Each course is created by leading experts, providing your virtual assistants with top-notch training.

Customize Your Worker’s Experience

Tailor your virtual assistant’s curriculum to your business needs. Courses are available comprehensively or a la carte.

Why training your workers (including highly skilled workers)
will make or break your outsourcing experience.

Learn about our CEO’s #1 secret to success with Filipino online workers.

The way you train your virtual workers will make or break your outsourcing experience.

Good training builds your workers’ trust in their abilities and their trust in you. Trust is the KEY factor to a successful outsourcing relationship. If your trainings are inadequate or you don’t have time to create trainings, you will fail to establish trust with your Filipino workers. If they don’t trust you, they may “disappear” -- the #1 risk of outsourcing to the Philippines! Academy Courses provide quality, detailed training that will:

Secure your worker's trust
Create hours of freedom for you
Keep your workers productive and busy
Teach them new systems to implement (that you may not know about)
Teach them new skills (so you don’t have to teach them)

Our curated courses are created by professionals and formatted specifically for Filipino virtual assistants. Virtually all of the trainings you'll find on YouTube or other online sources are made for business owners, and they may overwhelm and scare your VA into “disappearing”).

How It Works

Our courses are specially designed for your Filipino virtual worker. Each includes an introductory section that will help you, the employer, understand what your virtual assistant will learn from the course. But the videos, sound bites and other content are all meant to be viewed directly by your workers, and then independently applied. Academy will teach them new skills so they can be productive
without depending on you.


Review the course options.

Purchase the right course/module combination for your virtual worker or team.
Share access with your virtual workers (courses can be shared between your workers).
Monitor your worker’s productivity and watch how they implement their training.
Use your newfound free time to grow your business...or do whatever else you love.

Curriculum Library

We’ve partnered with industry leaders to bring the best instruction to your virtual workers. Check back frequently for updates; several courses are currently under development.

Amazon Selling
Amazon Selling

Our Amazon Selling Training curriculum includes 9 modules (a total of 97 training videos). Your virtual assistant will learn to manage everything from customer service and promotions to analyzing sales and fulfillment data and managing inbound inventory.

Amazon Selling
Real Estate Assistants

From direct mail marketing to maintaining your Sphere, this training course will teach your VAs to manage many details of real estate.


Message from Our Founder

John Jonas
John Jonas

Founder and CEO,

Training is the oil in your business’ engine. It’s critical. It’s the lifeblood of your outsourcing freedom. It’s no secret that creating training and SOPs for your employees is hard: it can be time-consuming and it requires a lot of patience.

We’ve partnered with established industry professionals to bring you Academy and relieve the stress of training.

Filipino workers are incredible in their capacity to learn, retain and apply new training and information (which is why I encourage outsourcing to the Philippines above any other country).

Since Academy is providing the best and most detailed training for your virtual workers, you can apply the time you save to more important things (like growing sales, or watching your daughter’s soccer game).

The more you train, the more they will learn and know, the less you’ll have to do. Academy gives you one more way to create freedom in your business and your life.